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Cusco Sub-Frame Under Braces

The Cusco rear sub-frame brace offers increased performance two different ways. The first is by stiffening up the rear sub-frame of the Impreza by connecting both sides of the body. Secondly, the brace can be used with the bracket kit to retrofit the '06 STi diffuser on the older Impreza models to help with aerodynamics.

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Mitsubishi EVOMSRPPrice
(2008-2009) CZ4A- Front Rear$294.00$258.72  Add to Cart
CZ4A- Rear Rear- Must modify heatshield$187.00$164.56  Add to Cart
CZ4A- Rear Side$174.00$153.12  Add to Cart
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Subaru ImprezaMSRPPrice
(1997-2007) Rear- Sedan Only$160.00$140.80  Add to Cart
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Subaru STiMSRPPrice
(2004-2005) Rear$160.00$140.80  Add to Cart
(2008-2009) GRB- Front Rear$320.00$288.00  Add to Cart
GRB- Rear Rear$114.00$100.32  Add to Cart
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Subaru WRXMSRPPrice
(2002-2007) Rear$160.00$140.80  Add to Cart
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