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DEI Cryo2 Fuel Coolers

CryO2 Fuel Chilling System
The DEI Fuel Chiller is 4 times as effective in removing heat from fuel as any other system on the market today. Utilizing the cryogenic properties of liquid CO2 to charge a series of tubes and baffles maximizing thermal transfer to super cool the fuel. System comes complete with -4AN fuel fittings as well as mounting brackets and hardware.

CryO2 Fuel Bar
This is a billet aluminum extension to the fuel line with a cryogenic chamber. The bar is charged with liquid CO2 and freezes to -80 F. Heat is removed from the fuel as it passes through resulting in a colder denser fuel charge. The CryO2 Fuel Bar is available in -6AN, -10AN and can be reduced for -8AN fuel line size. Four Cryo-Ports allow versatility of installation. Each Fuel Bar comes complete with vent plug, Cryo-Port plugs and connection/vent hose. The CryO2 Fuel Bar can be used alone or in conjunction with other CryO2 components. Available in either anodized or polished finish with engraved CryO2 logo. Measures 1.5"W x 6"L x 1" thick.

Universal DEI Fuel Coolers
CryO2 Fuel Bar - Blue - 6AN$92.50$78.61  Add to Cart
CryO2 Fuel Bar - Polished - 10AN$112.50$95.60  Add to Cart
CryO2 Fuel Bar - Polished - 6AN$92.50$78.61  Add to Cart
CryO2 Fuel Bar - Purple - 6AN$92.50$78.61  Add to Cart
CryO2 Fuel Bar - Red - 6AN$92.50$78.61  Add to Cart
CryO2 Fuel Chiller System$348.40$296.07  Add to Cart
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