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DEI Cryo2 Intercooler Spray Kits

CryO2 Intercooler Sprayer Kit
Includes everything needed to enhance the intercooler's thermal transfer ability and improve it s efficiency by as much as 50%.

  • Lowers air temperatures by as much as 35%
  • Improves intercooler effi ciency by as much as 50%
  • Non invasive system - Ability to run more boost safely
  • Straightforward easy bolt on installation
  • CO2 is substantially less expensive to refill than nitrous

Kit includes:
  • 10 lb tank
  • Brackets
  • 14' stainless feed line
  • Full WOT and arming switches
  • Momentary push button
  • Fittings, electrical & hardware pack
  • Cryogenic solenoid valve
  • 16" x 5" front-mount intercooler sprayer
  • Stainless steel zip ties for securing the sprayer.

DEI's CryO2 Intercooler Water Sprayer Kit
This was designed to be used by itself or in conjunction with DEI s CryO2 Intercooler Sprayers as a way to supercool intercoolers. By misting an intercooler's surface with the Water Sprayer and then venting CO2 on the cooling fins, the intercooler is further chilled resulting in a cooler denser intake charge enhancing a vehicles performance for extended periods of time.

Each CryO2 Intercooler Water Sprayer Kit comes complete with reservoir, mounting hardware, flexible hose lines, wiring, push button activation switch, nozzle tubes, connectors and installation instructions.

  • Can be used with or without our CryO2 Intercooler Sprayers
  • Complete kit including all hardware - as shown
  • Very light weight
  • Universal kit designed for all air to air intercoolers
  • 20 degree temperature drop in coolant on some applications
  • 2 quart capacity

CryO2 Intercooler Sprayers
These mount directly to the front of air-to-air intercoolers or aftercoolers and serve as a way to vent the liquid CO2 directly on to the cooling fins thus, enhancing the performance of the intercooler by more than 50% eliminating intercooler heat soak. This component must always be the last in the CryO2 system as it vents the liquid CO2 charge.

Universal DEI Intercooler Spray Kits
Intercooler Sprayer - Flat Top Mount - 16" x 5"$108.53$86.66  Add to Cart
Intercooler Sprayer - Flat Top Mount - 8" x 4"$93.87$74.96  Add to Cart
Intercooler Sprayer - Front Mount - 16" x 5"$108.53$86.66  Add to Cart
Intercooler Sprayer - Front Mount - 19" x 9"$186.67$155.77  Add to Cart
Intercooler Sprayer - Front Mount - 8" x 4"$93.87$74.96  Add to Cart
Intercooler Sprayer Kit With Tank$541.52$430.38  Add to Cart
Intercooler Water Sprayer Kit$95.67$77.89  Add to Cart
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