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DEI Nitrous Solenoids

Hot-Shot Series Solenoid
Hot-Shot series solenoid valves are made with Volt-Trap coils that are stronger, more efficient allowing for larger orifice, more flow and works with as few as 9 volts. Plungers are made of high grade alloy with greater tolerances to prevent sticking. The N2O seal is Teflon and a special Viton seal is used for the fuel. These LIFETIME WARRANTY Hot-Shot valves flow up to 175 HP of nitrous.

Phat-Shot Series Solenoids
Phat-Shot solenoid valves are used for a wide range of nitrous systems from 100-400 HP. Nitrous valve has .125 orifice with teflon plungers and fuel valve is .250 orifice with high grade viton seal.

  • Stainless bodies
  • 1/4 inlet
  • 1/8 outlet side port

Split-Shot Series Solenoids
Hi-Flo design uses a unique plunger that reduces internal pressure and allows for increased orifice size (.180), greater bottle pressures (up to 1,250 psi) and will deliver up to 700HP of nitrous with as little as 3 amp current draw.

  • Utilizes O-ring style inlet and outlet fittings for quick change or service.
  • Has single inlet with dual outlet for direct port, dual nozzle or dual plate applications.
  • Has integrated purge port for adding additional purge valve or 2nd stage valve.
  • Weather Pack wire connections for clean easy install and quick service.

Triple-Threat Solenoid Valve System
  • Unique Bilet aluminum manifold design combines nitrous, fuel and purge into one easy to install component for improved looks and ease of installation.
  • Utilizes a unique mounting system that conforms to any mounting surface.
  • Volt-Trap coil design implements a suppression diode to minimize coil saturation and keep voltage flow in one direction to improve efficiancy.
  • Fuel is cooled by the relationship of the nitrous passing thru the billet valve body as the fuel passes thru

Universal DEI Nitrous Solenoids
Hot-Shot Fuel Solenoid$110.83$94.21  Add to Cart
Hot-Shot Nitrous Solenoid$117.76$100.10  Add to Cart
Hot-Shot Purge Solenoid$100.03$85.02  Add to Cart
Phat-Shot Series Fuel Solenoid$118.62$100.82  Add to Cart
Phat-Shot Series Solenoid$158.67$134.87  Add to Cart
Split-Shot Series Fuel Solenoid$203.67$173.12  Add to Cart
Split-Shot Series Solenoid$285.03$242.27  Add to Cart
Triple-Threat Solenoid Valve System$359.07$305.21  Add to Cart
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