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Each set is individually tested and flow balanced in-house to within a 1-2% variance. The results are included in your custom flow report that accompanies every set of DW injectors. Our flow report also includes additional set-specific data useful for tuning.

    DW STi injectors also feature:
  • 100% drop-in fitment
  • OEM 12-orifice atomization plate (4-hole for 550's and 650's)
  • Upper and lower o-rings
  • High Impedance coils to match OEM ECU
  • Excellent spray pattern and atomization for excellent idle and tuning
  • Technical assistance and tuning data available via phone or email
  • 12-month comprehensive warranty

All Mitsubishi Deatsch Werks Fuel Injectors
View All Mitsubishi EVO Fuel Injectors
Mitsubishi EVOPrice
(2005-2006) IX 880cc$549.00  Add to Cart
(2009-2010) X -Top Feed 850cc$399.00  Add to Cart
All Nissan Deatsch Werks Fuel Injectors
View All Nissan 350Z Fuel Injectors
Nissan 350ZPrice
(2003-2006) 600cc$549.00  Add to Cart
View All Nissan Skyline Fuel Injectors
Nissan SkylinePrice
(1993-1998) 740cc$639.00  Add to Cart
800cc$549.00  Add to Cart
(1998-2002) 600cc - Neo RB25 Only$549.00  Add to Cart
All Pontiac Deatsch Werks Fuel Injectors
View All Pontiac G8 Fuel Injectors
Pontiac G8Price
(2008-2009) 65LB/HR$439.00  Add to Cart
All Subaru Deatsch Werks Fuel Injectors
View All Subaru BRZ Fuel Injectors
Subaru BRZPrice
(2013 and up) 450cc$329.00  Add to Cart
700cc$329.00  Add to Cart
900cc$429.00  Add to Cart
View All Subaru STi Fuel Injectors
Subaru STiPrice
(2004-2006) Side Feed - 1100cc$679.00  Add to Cart
Side Feed- 850cc$629.00  Add to Cart
(2007 and up) 650cc Top Feed$369.00  Add to Cart
850cc$549.00  Add to Cart
Top Feed- 850cc$549.00  Add to Cart
View All Subaru WRX Fuel Injectors
Subaru WRXPrice
(2002-2009) 650cc$369.00  Add to Cart
750cc$439.00  Add to Cart
850cc$549.00  Add to Cart
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Parts Available: INJ-MIT1-880-4, DW21S-03-0850-4, dw21S-05-0600-6, 01J-00-0740-6, 42M-01-0800-6, 21S-05-0600-6, 16U-00-0065-8, 16U-02-0450-4, 16U-02-0700-4, 16U-02-0900-4, 02J-00-1100-4, INJ-SUB2-850-4, SUB1-650-4 a, INJ-SUB1-850-4, INJ-SUB1-850-4, dw21S-01-0650-4, dw21S-01-0750-4, dw21S-01-0850-4