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Defi Advanced BF Series Metric Boost Gauges

Defi-Link Advanced Meter BFs are electronic blacked out gauges which are high response and refined design. When the car is off they have a black face with no numbers on them. As soon as the car is turned on, the gauges light up and are in full affect.

Defi-Link Advanced Meter BF's need to be connected to Defi-Link Advance Control Unit. Up to 7 gauges can be connected and controlled by one Control Unit. The name of the connection system is "Defi-Link Advance System." Defi-Link Advance System allows gauges to be attached to Defi-Link Advanced Control Unit with a single "DAISY CHAIN" wiring system. All Advance BF gauges include all sensors, sending units, and wiring.

  • 60mm high precision turbo boost meter
  • Smooth and instantaneous response to rapid acceleration
  • Brightness can be adjusted between 5 levels
  • Self-diagnosis system to indicate errors
  • Kit includes: mounting bracket, black meter cup, regular position bezel

Universal Defi Boost Gauges
Amber - 120kPa$299.00$278.07  Add to Cart
Amber - 200kPa$299.00$278.07  Add to Cart
Amber - 200KPA w/ Advance Control Unit$435.00$420.00  Add to Cart
Blue - 120kPa$299.00$278.07  Add to Cart
Blue - 200kPa$299.00$278.07  Add to Cart
Blue - 200KPA w/ Advance Control Unit$435.00$420.00  Add to Cart
White - 120kPa$299.00$278.07  Add to Cart
White - 200kPa$299.00$278.07  Add to Cart
White - 200KPA w/ Advance Control Unit$435.00$420.00  Add to Cart
Defi Advanced BF Series Metric Boost Gauge Reviews
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906/09/2005THE BEST looking gauges out there! The only problem is for a amatuer like myself . I had some trouble wireing the gauges through the firewall.

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