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DevilsOwn Diesel Water Methanol Systems

All the high quality parts as our very popular progressive alcohol /water kit without the controller. This kit utilizes a boost pressure switch for activation. This is for the person who wants to reap the benefits of having an alcohol/water kit and wants quality and afford ability without sacrificing reliability

The DevilsOwn base water alcohol injection kits main function is to suppress detonation caused by high temperature and pressure developed within the combustion chamber when the effective compression ratio has been taken beyond the auto-ignition point by either a turbo or a supercharger.

Cool the air with the DevilsOwn alcohol water injection kit! Water, with its high latent heat content, is extremely effective for controlling not only the onset of detonation but also the production of oxides of nitrogen in the modern lean burn engines. Methanol with its 116 octane and high flash point and specific gravity further reduce the chances of detonation

Benefits of the base injection kit:
  • Allows you to run safely more boost and/or more timing
  • Reduce the intake charge temperature up to 70F, results in a denser more powerful air/fuel charge
  • Perfect for cars with thermal problems and prior tuned cars
  • No loss of boost as with a intercooler
  • No wear issues only clean combustion chambers
  • Reduce the specific fuel consumption
  • 1 years full warranty

System Contents Include:
  • Completely adjustable pressure switch
  • 250 PSI Aquatech pump with EPDM seals for up to 50% methanol
  • Heavy duty nickel plated check valve
  • 15 ft of black high pressure nylon tubing
  • 2 Nickel plated nozzles DO2, DO4
  • Filtered self sealing tank tap
  • All necessary hardware

Adjustable Pressure Switch

Our pressure switch features an adjustment knob with 2-10 psi markings on the face for a no guessing on your settings like other switches. We do not use the same plastic pressure switch like everyone else. Our switch has a brass body for long life.

250 psi Alcohol-Water Pump

  • Long lifetime, 10+ Millions cycles
  • No lost in pressure even with high volumes
  • Dry run up to 1 hour
  • Methanol-compatible
  • EPDM Diaphragm High Volume pump
  • 250PSI

What size nozzle do i need?
Our kits comes with the 2most common sizes of nozzles to cover a wide use. This kit comes with 2gph, 3gph. There are many factors effecting nozzle size such as engine size power adder, Intercooled or non intercooled and level of boost you are running. What works for 1 car is not always best for another. Feel free to use our nozzle size calculator on the forum. From our testing the the 2-10psi pressure switch is the best for vehicles in this application.

What all comes with this kit?
This kit assumes you are mounting this in your engine bay and are using your factory washer tank or have provided your own tank. So it comes with 15ft of tubing, More can be purchased if needed . This kit comes with hardware, electrical connectors, and fittings need to install this kit minus vacuum hose and a vacuum tee needed to tie into your existing system. This can be picked up at any local hardware store for less than 5 dollars. We have no way of knowing what size you will need.

What pressure switch do i need?
Your generally going to have this adjusted from 1/2 to 3/4 of your max boost. Pick which one will give you the most range. Most supercharged cars will need the 2-10 pressure switch. And most Turbocharged cars will need the 6-30 pressure switch, Most 4cly turbo diesels will require the 2-10 pressure switch.

Universal DevilsOwn Water-Methanol Systems
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