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Drive Shaft Shop makes shafts form mild carbon steel, chromoly and 6061-T6 aluminum. DSS is also the only company that has the exclusive rights and patent to the new TECHNA-PULSE MAGNETIC bonding system that will attach aluminum to carbon steels without any heat effected area (like a welded shaft). With this process DSS is able to give the strength of chrome molly spline and the weight savings of aluminum tube.

All Mitsubishi Driveshaft Shop Driveshafts
View All Mitsubishi Eclipse Driveshafts
Mitsubishi EclipseMSRPPrice
(1989-1994) Aluminum shaft replaces 1st 2 - special HD version$849.99$736.66  Add to Cart
(1990-1994) AWD, 6061-T6 Shaft aluminum replaces the first 2 shafts$799.99$693.32  Add to Cart
(1995-1999) Aluminum shaft replaces 1st 2 - replaces 2 of the 3 shafts$849.99$736.66  Add to Cart
AWD, 6061-T6 Shaft aluminum replaces the first 2 shafts$799.99$693.32  Add to Cart
View All Mitsubishi EVO Driveshafts
Mitsubishi EVOMSRPPrice
(2001-2007) VII / VIII / IX 2-Piece Carbon Fiber Rear Driveshaft (non-AYC)$1,499.99$1,349.99  Add to Cart
(2004-2006) VII / VIII / IX 2-Piece Rear Driveshaft (Non AYC)$1,099.99$953.32  Add to Cart
VII/ VIII/ IX 2-Piece Rear Driveshaft (with AYC CT9A differential)$1,099.99$953.32  Add to Cart
View All Mitsubishi Galant Driveshafts
Mitsubishi GalantMSRPPrice
(1991-1992) 650HP 3" Aluminum VR4$849.99$736.66  Add to Cart
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All Driveshaft Shop Driveshafts
Driveshaft Shop Driveshaft Reviews
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903/17/2013SupraBuild quality was superb. Can feel how light the aluminum shaft is compared to the factory two piece steel in the way the car drives. Flange to mount to the differential was thicker than stock though so the factory bolts weren't long enough to reach and no longer units were included so it gets a 9/10 because I had to go to Fastenal for some bolts.
902/09/2013SupraI installed the aluminum version in an 88 Turbo manual. It looked great and fit very well with the exception of the differential flange. The flange was understandbly thicker, but that made longer bolts necessary which were not included. Also the holes were recessed with minimal space for the nut which makes use of wrenches and certain sockets difficult to impossible. I installed a custom retention strap where the factory hanger was located.
1010/02/2012Grand National
1002/23/2011240SXWell first i have to say that this is a GREAT PRODUCT!!!! it replaced my two piece driveshaft out of my 180sx. I can honestly say that the driveshaft along with lightweight flywheel, and pullies helped my car out a ton...Quality of the welding is outstanding. I would recommend this to all that have never owned such a baller driveshaft hahahahaha.
1006/30/2010SupraThis driveshaft is very light, very well made and fit perfectly. I would definitely recommend this driveshaft.
1005/23/2010SupraA great way to get rid of the carrier bearing and lose a little weight too. I felt the whole rear end tighten up and the clutch felt more direct as well. Very easy to install and looks great.
1007/28/2008SupraPerfect fit. Feels more responsive. Maybe additional power to the wheels, but I don't own a Dyno.
803/13/2008SupraWas direct bolt on easy to install.Did not feel different from stock but well hold more horspoewer over stock drive shaft.I have supra pushing over 600hp and can not afford for stock unit to brake going down track at 138mph.
911/27/2007Supragreat product
911/06/2007SupraThis driveshaft fit great.Looks great too.Much lighter than stock.I might have giving it a 10 rating but I have owned it for only 400 miles. thanks
16 Reviews

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