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EBC Greenstuff 7000 Series Truck Brake Pads Zoom EBC

EBC Greenstuff 7000 Series Truck Brake Pads


  • Kevlar-based compound
  • Stops faster, lasts longer than the 6000 Series
  • EBC's unique Brake-In coating
  • Shimmed, chamfered and slotted for quiet operation
  • Lower dust that comparable semi-metallic pads
  • The ultimate SUV/4X4 front pad

Product Description

Eliminate 80% of your brake dust. Get better brakes and long life with EBC's new Heavy duty SUV Greenstuff 7000 Supreme Formula brake pads. Made with Kevlar fibre the EBC 7000 series deliver reliable stopping power and less dust plus totally silent braking with their new triple layer wolverine shims and chamfered and slotted construction. EBC's Brake-In coating ensures fast pad bed in and perfect brakes right from the start.

On Front
OK to fit or have on rear
Original Ultimax only
Ultimax Ultimax or original
Greenstuff Greenstuff, Ultimax or Redstuff or original
Redstuff Redstuff or Original
Yellowstuff Yellowstuff,Green,Red,Ultimax or original

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EBC Greenstuff 7000 Series Truck Brake Pad Reviews
  (7.5 of 10) 2 Reviews    Write Review
903/09/2013TundraLove these things! Incrementally better braking performance than previous pads (which were quite good) and WAY less dust. Really good stopping power hot and cold once broken in! It takes both a bed-in and a couple hundred miles of driving around town for these pads to really show their stuff. Perfect fit at install. Better, more solid braking, along with zero noise and very low dust: I'll be sticking with these until someone can prove they make something better at this price point.
603/08/2013YukonQuiet pads. A little more dust than I expected, especially during break-in. Good, positive bite and have not noticed agressive wear on the rotors but I probably would go with red stuff on the next change.

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