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Buick EBC 3GD Series Sport Slotted And Dimpled Brake Rotors Zoom EBC

Buick EBC 3GD Series Sport Slotted And Dimpled Brake Rotors

High Carbon, thermally-stable British cast and Machined cast iron reduces vibration and therefore noise. The new 'Vee Slot' design expels dirt, dust, and water.

  • SILENT SLOT PATTERN Multiple narrow 3.0 mm slots guarantees reduced wind noise plus pads run cooler.
  • NOMINAL 1.00 MM GROOVE DEPTH Acts as a wear indicator, when the groove is gone its time to change.
  • VENTED CENTRE SPLIT CASTINGS Not cheap "Top Hat" types used by cheaper competitors leads to balanced expansion and cooling
  • DYNAMICALLY BALANCED All discs are machined or weighted and balanced to reduce vibration
Solid Type Rotor - Gold Finish Solid Type Rotor - Black Finish Vented Type Rotor - Gold Finish
Direction of Rotation of EBC Turbo Groove Rotors

EBC Turbo Groove and Spotty Discs are directional "LEFT and RIGHT" which is nearside and offside of your vehicle. The spotted pattern and the sweeping grooves should be pointing to the rear of the vehicle.

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All EBC 3GD Series Sport Slotted And Dimpled Brake Rotors
EBC 3GD Series Sport Slotted And Dimpled Brake Rotor Reviews
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804/24/2013TSXPerfoms great and install was very basic. Although there is a slight wind nose at certain speeds. Otherwise great product great quality.
804/24/2013TSXPerfoms great and install was very basic. Although there is a slight wind nose at certain speeds. Otherwise great product great quality.
104/17/20134RunnerI bought the front and rear version of these for my 2010 Toyota 4Runner Limited V6. Also paired with EBC Yellowstuff brake pads. The braking was better than OEM in the beginning, but as the pads wear thinner, somehow vibration started during a downhill trip at Lake Arrow Head in CA, then it got worst recently even on straight road. I suspect it is the ABS was having sensitively problem as the Yellow stuff wear thin. I put the Original rotors back on with the same EBC Yellowstuff pads, the problem went away. So I think the problem is with the ABS freaking out as the brake pads wears down in hard braking situation. The pads still have probably half life to it. The rear set did not have any problem which I think the ABS only applies to the front brakes. I want to return these to EBC, but not sure where to start yet. The rotors are less than a year old. So I am not recommending anyone to use this on their Toyota 4runner. I strongly feel it is the ABS not working well with these Dimpled type rotors. It seems 4runners are sensitive to warped rotor, but not sure my EBC rotors are warped now due to excessivly driving, but these are high performances, so really, the problem is not warping of the rotor, it may be just bad design and/or not functioning well with ABS type braking. The yellow stuff is working like a charm with the oringal factory rotors, therefore I am pretty sure the problem is the EBC rotors. It is really too bad, the look of these rotors are very cool, and very shinny, still have them on the rear with rear EBC brake pads. I am sure it is not my installation, since I have taken them out and re-fitted the tire carefully, and problem still there, as soon as I get on the freeway.
304/10/2013MalibuThe reason for a low score, is because when you brake hard the pads seem to skip across the rotors.Not smoothly like the slotted, also they made allot of noise when braking as well. Next order will be front and back slotted only. Thank You
1003/10/2013IntegraFor my 93 integra rears. this product installed as if it was original, have had on my integra for almost a year, I combined these with duralast gold brake pads plus new calipers and its all still like new. They look sexy as well I strongly recommend and will buy again someday for My G35
903/10/2013TaurusAdded these EBC slotted rotors along with EBC Green Stuff pads to my 95 Taurus SHO. Night and day difference! The stock pads and rotors would make the pedal feel mushy after just one hard high speed stop. So far I have experienced no brake fade with this combo. I never would have imagined this huge of a difference with just pads and rotors. During hard braking they hum a little, but during normal stopping they are as quiet as stock parts. And so far I have not heard a squeal from them. I painted the rotor hats silver to match my wheels so I can't comment on the rust resistance, however the outer portions of the rotor haven't rusted yet like every other rotor would. Very good product, rated a 9 just in case there is something better out there. But for the price these are superb!

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