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Pontiac EBC Ultimax OE Style Brake Rotors

  • Direct size-for-size replacements for your brake rotors
  • Non-slotted design; exact copies of your OEM rotor design
  • Made from quality grey iron with a gold or black anodized coating depending on vehicle
  • EBC OEM Replacement Rotors are the ideal option for urban or daily drivers looking for a quality replacement part
  • Rotors come in a Vented or Solid design, depending on your vehicle
  • Exact OEM replacement - no modifications or extra hardware required for installation
  • Sold individually
  • 12-Month/10,000-Mile Warranty

EBC OEM Replacement Rotors are direct replacements for your factory rotors, featuring the exact design as stock. They're perfect for the daily driver looking for quality brake parts when service is needed. You'll get the same quality and performance of OEM rotors, only at a better price. EBC crafts your OEM Replacement Rotors from quality grey iron, just like OEM builders. They come in a plain front, non-slotted design. Depending on your vehicle, your rotors may require either "solid" or "vented" styles. Vented rotors are made with two separate braking faces with a "vaned" core between them for improved coolling and ventilation. EBC designs your OE Replacement Rotors to your specific year, make, and model vehicle to ensure you get the right design and specifications. Always replace your brake pads when installing new EBC OEM Replacement Rotors. Using old or worn pads on new rotors can cause hot spots, more than double bed-in time, and promote brake fade. This will not only damage parts and cost you more in the long run; it can cause a dangerous lack of braking performance. Always have a professional mechanic install your EBC OEM Replacement Rotors.

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