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ETS 2G Eclipse 7 Inch Intercoolers

At the heart of the kit is our premium bar and plate core. These high flowing cores feature ETS' exclusive offset and staggered internal fins, and louvered external fins. This dense fin design allows our cores to be some of the most efficient units available while still retaining good flow both on the charge air (internal) side and the ambient (external) side. This will ensure there is little pressure drop across the intercooler and the radiator will get LOTS of airflow.

To complement such a core, ETS' 2G piping has been designed with the shortest, smoothest, and easiest to install routing possible. ETS' unique design routes the piping around the core support and up over the shift linkage. This means that the piping in their kit is over three feet shorter than some competitor's kits that follow the stock routing. The ETS piping comes off the turbo and expands up to a large 2.5" diameter as soon as possible and stays 2.5" all the way to the throttle body elbow. It is also modular so all it takes to go from a T25 to a 14B/16G/18G or T3/T4 turbocharger is one different pipe. This means that if you buy the kit with the intention to upgrade your turbo later, you won't spend an arm and a leg upgrading an upgrade. Another unique feature to the ETS kit is that both stock fans stay with all of the turbo options. THeir trademark "J" Pipe will route between the fans while the T3/T4 piping will clear the cross member, something that so many other kits have problems with (The T25 kit will require very slight trimming of the fan motor mount). The kit can also be configured for a GM MAF and Translator if desired. In this situation they leave a 6" gap for the GM MAF, and the BOV is moved down by the overflow tank. If you are using the stock 2G MAF, the BOV will be up by the cruise control for easy recirculation.

The ETS Street Kit is an easy bolt-on install that makes the permanent modifications required for other kits a thing of the past. ETS' detailed instructions will walk you through all the difficult steps of the install.

  • All mandrel bent piping
  • Fully beaded piping
  • 4-ply silicone couplers
  • Stainless steel T-Bolt clamps
  • 2.5" Piping all the way to the throttle body
  • Retains factory crash beam
  • Eliminates knock in 3rd, 4th, and 5th gears - up to 23psi on pump gas
  • Complete instructions for easy install

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Race Intercooler Kit$1,542.25  Add to Cart
Street Intercooler$585.00  Add to Cart
Street Intercooler Kit - Stainless steel - Speed Density (AIT Bung) - Greddy Flange - T3/T4 w/ 2.5" outlet - ETS Stencil - Black Couplers - 3.0" Intercooler Core Thickness$764.75  Add to Cart
Street Intercooler Kit - Stainless steel - Stock Air Meter - HKS BOV - Stock Turbo - ETS Stencil - Black Couplers - 3.0" Intercooler Core Thickness$764.75  Add to Cart
Ultra Race Super Short Route Intercooler Kit$1,599.75  Add to Cart
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