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Espelir GT Springs

In accepting the challenge to develop superior suspension springs that meet governmental minimum ride height requirements while at the same time enhancing the need for road hugging good looks, ESPELIR proudly introduces LOW FORM.

LOW FORM continues a legacy of durability, refined road responsiveness, and superior technology that driving enthusiasts expect from the company that defines "Unrivaled Automotive Suspension Engineering."

The advanced methods and experience with vehicle lowering enable us to keep a 90mm ground clearance. Our suspension give a comfortable and most importantly a stable ride.

All Honda Espelir GT Springs
View All Honda Prelude Springs
Honda PreludeMSRPPrice
(1997-2001) Front: 35mm Rear:20mm$250.00$223.25  Add to Cart
All Infiniti Espelir GT Springs
View All Infiniti G35 Springs
Infiniti G35MSRPPrice
(2003 and up) Front: 10mm Rear:10mm$290.00$258.97  Add to Cart
All Mazda Espelir GT Springs
View All Mazda RX-8 Springs
Mazda RX-8MSRPPrice
(2003 and up) Front: 30mm Rear:30mm$210.00$187.53  Add to Cart
All Mitsubishi Espelir GT Springs
View All Mitsubishi EVO Springs
Mitsubishi EVOMSRPPrice
(2003-2005) Front: 45mm Rear:25mm$440.00$392.92  Add to Cart
All Nissan Espelir GT Springs
View All Nissan 350Z Springs
Nissan 350ZMSRPPrice
(2003 and up) Front: 10mm Rear:10mm$420.00$375.06  Add to Cart
All Subaru Espelir GT Springs
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Subaru STiMSRPPrice
(2004 and up) Front: 30mm Rear:20mm$440.00$392.92  Add to Cart
All Toyota Espelir GT Springs
View All Toyota Corolla Springs
Toyota CorollaMSRPPrice
(1985-1987) Front: 40mm Rear:40mm$525.00$468.83  Add to Cart
View All Toyota Supra Springs
Toyota SupraMSRPPrice
(1993-1998) Front: 10mm Rear:15mm$350.00$312.55  Add to Cart
Espelir GT Spring Reviews
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1006/05/2010350ZThese springs lowered the Z perfectly! I've used a lot of springs on other cars in the past, these are by far the best. Spring rate is perfect. They're progressive, so very smooth on the street. I couldn't be happier.
812/05/2006EVOSmoothens ride of the car and these springs are far superior to any other mfg springs for the evo. Wont regret this purchase. This is not for the guys/girls who just want to lower their car to make it look good, these springs give you a good drop but the performance is where its at. If you are running 18's with these springs the wheels fit the gaps perfect.

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Parts Available: ESA020, ESG059, ESG088, ESG058, ESG055, ESG045A, ESG086, ESG012