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Evolution Racewerks Competition Series Intercooler

Key Features:

  • Large High Density Bar & Plate Construction Intercooler Core
  • Improved durability and internal flow characteristics.
  • Mirror polished finish on intercooler assembly and piping.
  • Optional Type III Hard Black Anodizing (for stealth) finish on intercooler, end tanks and all piping. Hard anodizing helps improve durability of intercooler fins against damage from road debris (rocks).
  • Complete all aluminum intercooler piping, replaces all OEM rubber hoses with hard piping for improved throttle response and faster boost spool up.
  • Impoved intercooler inlet and outlet pipes for better flow characteristics.
  • Intercooler piping features beaded ends, silicone "hump" hoses and T-bolt clamps to prevent intercooler piping from coming off from boost.
  • Optional Carbon Fiber Shrouding to direct airflow through the intercooler for improved efficiency.
  • Maintains ALL factory components.
  • Includes all hardware needed to install.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Front Mount Applications:

The heart of the ER Competition FMIC is the massive high density bar and plate intercooler core. It features 660 cubic inches intercooler core, more than ANY other FMIC available in the market (almost more than double in size than most). Through extensive testing of different types of intercooler cores (tube & fin, bar & plate) we found that the high density bar and plate core to be the most efficient. Independent testing (all data & dynos shown below have been independently conducted by ER customers) has shown that the ER FMIC is so efficient in cooling that it has cooled intake air temperatures (IAT) to almost ambient (outside) temperatures. We also did extensive testing on the proper size to use to effectively cool the hot charged air from these big turbo upgrades as well as fight off "heatsoaking" (when the intercooler cannot transfer heat away faster than the heat building up from the hot intake air). "Heatsoaking" is not an issue at all as shown by consistency of the IAT staying in the same temperature range throughout the WHOLE RPM powerband. Also, The ER FMIC recovers so fast after a full throttle pull that once you shift, it recovers completely. This is why pull after pull, the FMIC does not "heatsoak". Beat on it all day long and the IAT's will consistently be near ambient temperatures. ER Competition FMIC is just what it is, designed for competition. The other intercoolers may be adequate if you lived your life a mile at a time (with hours between runs to cool down), they will definitely "heatsoak" under harsher conditions like road racing where you're at full throttle for at least 20 minutes. Imagine you pegged behind the rear bumper of the car in front of you. With no cool airflow flowing through your intercooler, it will "heatsoak" very fast, loosing you that very precious power you need to pass the car ahead of you. The FMIC then becomes a heatsink. Since ER FMIC's are considerably larger than the competition, it can "hold" more heat longer before it heatsoaks, giving you extra valuable time with all the power you need to make the pass. With it's size and ability to support over 600hp, it is the "last intercooler you will ever buy", no matter what size turbo you decide to run in the future.

Available Kits:

Full Kit: Standard Kit: Basic Kit:
  • FMIC
  • Diverter Valve Charge Pipe
  • Carbon Fiber Shrouding
  • Optional BOV
  • FMIC
  • Diverter Valve Charge Pipe
  • Optional BOV
  • FMIC
* See below for Optional BOVs...

Optional Blow Off Valves

(Available for Full and Standard Kits)

A BOV flange will be welded to the diverter valve pipe instead of the factory style diverter valve flanges.

You now have 3 different blow off valves to choose from:
TIAL 50mm Q
Available in black (standard), red, blue, polished silver and purple.
Synapse Synchronic HKS SSQV 4


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