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Nissan Fidanza Flywheel Inserts

Fidanza's replaceable flywheel inserts are fabricated using superior strength 1050 steel and milled to precise specifications. They can be used with any type of clutch material including organic, Kevlar, ceramic, metallic and sintered iron. Applications using more aggressive clutch disk materials can simply replace the insert instead of resurfacing the flywheel. It's a perfect surface every time.

All Nissan Fidanza Flywheel Inserts
View All Nissan 200SX Flywheel Inserts
Nissan 200SXMSRPPrice
(1977-1979) L20 B$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
(1995-1998) 1.6L$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
SR20$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
View All Nissan 240SX Flywheel Inserts
Nissan 240SXMSRPPrice
SR20DET (except Dual Mass)$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
(1989-1998) 2.4L$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
View All Nissan 240Z Flywheel Inserts
Nissan 240ZMSRPPrice
(1970-1973) 2.4L$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
View All Nissan 280ZX Flywheel Inserts
Nissan 280ZXMSRPPrice
(1979-1983) 2.8L Including Turbo$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
View All Nissan 300ZX Flywheel Inserts
Nissan 300ZXMSRPPrice
(1983-1989) 3.0L NA & Turbo$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
(1990-1996) 3.0L NA$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
3.0L Turbo$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
View All Nissan 350Z Flywheel Inserts
Nissan 350ZMSRPPrice
(2003-2005) 3.5L$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
View All Nissan 510 Flywheel Inserts
Nissan 510MSRPPrice
(1968-1973) L16$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
View All Nissan Altima Flywheel Inserts
Nissan AltimaMSRPPrice
(2002-2005) 3.5L$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
View All Nissan Maxima Flywheel Inserts
Nissan MaximaMSRPPrice
(1989-2000) V6$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
(2002-2005) 3.5L$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
View All Nissan NX1600 Flywheel Inserts
Nissan NX1600MSRPPrice
(1991-1994) 1.6L$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
View All Nissan NX2000 Flywheel Inserts
Nissan NX2000MSRPPrice
(1991-1993) SR20$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
View All Nissan Pulsar Flywheel Inserts
Nissan PulsarMSRPPrice
(1987-1990) E16$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
View All Nissan Sentra Flywheel Inserts
Nissan SentraMSRPPrice
(1986-2001) 1.6L & 2.0L$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
(2002-2004) 2.5L Including Spec V$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
View All Nissan Skyline Flywheel Inserts
Nissan SkylineMSRPPrice
RB20DET$93.60$46.79  Add to Cart
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All Fidanza Flywheel Inserts
Fidanza Flywheel Insert Reviews
  (9.5 of 10) 19 Reviews    Write Review
1003/11/2013SupraFast Shipping. Expected it Friday, received it Thursday! Helpful Staff too!
1003/09/2013SupraWorked great. Replaced my old insert with no problems.
1003/09/2013IntegraPerfect fit for my Civic. Used this on my B16B Type R, and runs great!
803/09/2013240SXReplacement for existing Fidanza flywheel.
1010/31/2009SC300Product was exactly as expected. Easy install.
1006/09/2009MaximaVery easy to install.
903/09/2009PreludeI was surprised that when the package came, it was not one replacement surface, but two. There was enough replacement hardware for both surfaces as well, both of these points being an obvious plus. The package also came with loctite, which was a plus, but only enough for the hardware of 1 install, which is a bit of a tease I suppose. There is also one replacement bearing for the flywheel, which I didn't need this time around, so it turns out that's fine, but like the loctite, it's curious there was only enough for one install. The replacement nuts were also smaller, which could be a minor inconvenience if you had your heart set on using the same ratchet bit for both removal and install. In all the pros of keeping a Fidanza flywheel in good working order make the cons pretty insignificant. FYI, pretty basic removal and install. Just make sure you have a phillips screwdriver with a good grip that won't slip out of the mounting screws, they're very easy to strip otherwise. Don't forget a torque wrench as well.
1010/29/2008Eclipsethe Fidanza flywheel for my car is perfect! my car has a quicker responce and feels like it has more horsepower
19 Reviews

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