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Dodge Fidanza Built To Fly Flywheel

Fidanza aluminum flywheels are made from the highest quality 6061 T6 aluminum. The material is fantastic for strength, heat dissipation and of course reduction in weight. The friction surface used is an incredibly strong 1050 steel. The plates are milled to meet Fidanza'a high specifications. A Fidanza flywheel can mate with any type of clutch material, including organic, kevlar, ceramic, metallic and sintered iron. Fidanza attaches the friction surface with military grade aerospace fasteners. The ring gears used are also made from 1050 steel and are heat treated for durability. The gears are heated then pressed on and secured with grade 8 button screws. Fidanza was the first to utilize a stepped dowel system in most of their flywheel applications. This doweling method ensures that once the pressure plate is installed the dowels cannot be removed because they become locked into place. Fidanza designs and builds flywheels with extreme precision, giving tuners, racers and builders the high performance and unmatched power they're seeking.

Fidanza Flywheels help:
Any street or race engine produce more usable horsepower!
Any street or race engine lasts longer due to less stress on the crankshaft and bearings!

All Dodge Fidanza Built To Fly Flywheels
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(1990-1999) 3.0L Turbo$554.37$380.44  Add to Cart
(1991-1996) 3.0L Non Turbo$554.37$380.44  Add to Cart
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(2004 and up) SRT-10$830.71$570.07  Add to Cart
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(1992-2002) 8.0L$583.63$400.51  Add to Cart
(2003-2006) 8.2L$830.71$570.07  Add to Cart
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All Fidanza Built To Fly Flywheels
Fidanza Built To Fly Flywheel Reviews
  (9.1 of 10) 67 Reviews    Write Review
904/10/2013MR2It installed great and car accelerates faster then what it use to. Was built great.
904/04/2013MR2After the break in period with my new clutch i have no complaints.
1004/03/2013MX-6my Mazda mx6 performs like a monster and raves up like no other I'm loving the lightweight flywheel Thanks horsepower freaks for your reliable parts and good shipping
1003/15/2013STiHavent installed all the parts yet and the project is comming along greatly. i am urrently deployed but will b home soon i hope to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Thanks for the suggestion Russ
902/13/2013TiburonI have had this fly wheel in my 03 tiburon with the 6 speed trans for a couple years (4 i think? ) Its worked great no issue so far. The only reason I didnt rate it perfect, is because (and i knew this going into it) it is a lighter than stock flywheel and the initial issue I had was it was a lot easier to accidental stall the car out. Chalk it up to getting used to it, but other than that no issue no flaws, would DEFINITELY purchase Fidanza parts again.
1012/06/2011CelicaI am more than happy with the way the addition of the Fidenza flywheel and Clutch masters clutch are performing, I find that my 1992 Toyota Celica GT runs so much better, I highly recommend the addition of a Fidenza and high performance clutch to anyone who races, or not. I'm not racing, But I do drive with a higher sense of purpose than your average daily driver! Asking me what I think about the Fidanza Flywheel..... I LOVE IT!
1008/02/2011SentraThis is a upgrade worth doing it, noticed that acceleration increases and decreases a lot faster and because of the less stress on the engine the vehicle gain speed way faster. I would be buying more stuff from Horsepowerfreaks if they had more stuff for my car,their prices are not that bad...
905/12/2011Integravery awesome i seen a big power gain.
1005/09/2011xAInstalled on my 05 Toyota Echo hatch along with CM stg3 clutch and Scion XB tranny (4.3fd). Really improved my trottle response. Whole engine feels better.
904/18/2011Supramust have item. less stress at a enging turbo spools faster. good fitment.
1003/05/2011CivicThis flywheel was a big imorovement over stock. Fairly easy to intall. I notices my engines revs up faster and the transition between gears at higher rpms is much smoother, Highly reconmended.
67 Reviews

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