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Forge Motorsport Tuning Kit Blow Off Valve Springs

Now you can fine tune your Blow Off/Diverter Valve to the exact needs of your engine with this complete tuning kit.

Your valve tuning kit you will find four springs and three spacers.

The strongest spring is the red, followed by the blue, yellow and finally the green which is the weakest. The spacers enable you to fine tune the settings between two spring tensions if required.

Forge normally supplies their valves, unless requested differently, with a spring that will match the tension of the manufacturer's original fitment valve. However, as many owners undertake tuning modifications some may wish to re-tune the valve characteristics to suit a given application.

If you are finding that the valve is dumping more than required or you are loosing boost pressure it is normally an indication that a stronger spring is required. Conversely if the valve is failing to dump it may be necessary to install a weaker spring. If during this tuning of your valve you are faced for example with the red spring being to strong and the blue spring to weak, you can add the spacers to the blue spring to increase the tension by small increments, thus achieving a setting between the red and blue springs.

Valve Spring color coding:

Green - 5-15 PSI
Yellow - 15-23 PSI
Blue - 23-30 PSI
Red - 30 + PSI

The above figures are estimates only and should only be considered as a guideline

Universal Forge Motorsport Blow Off Valve Springs
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Forge Motorsport Tuning Kit Blow Off Valve Spring Reviews
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1008/09/2006I have the 2g recirculating BOV with the yellow spring installed. This hold psi very well with mine set at 16-17 psi. No flutter or slow responses and the sound is aswesome. Running steady boost from this product is definitely expected.

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Parts Available: FMCL007P, FMDVTUN