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Forge Motorsport Adjustable Wastegate Actuators

Manufactured from Billet aluminum, this Forge adjustable actuator is a two part assembly that will allow servicing and maintenance. It also allows for rod adjustment to suit the customers individual application.

Laser cut stainless steel brackets ensure OEM like fitment

This product is built with a predetermined actuator spring suitable for at or slightly above factory boost levels. The actuator can be assembled with a stiffer spring upon request. Please contact directly concerning this process.

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Audi A4MSRPPrice
VAG K03 Longitudinal 1.8T Adjustable Actuator$200.00$194.85  Add to Cart
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Audi TTMSRPPrice
VAG K04 Transverse 1.8T Adjustable Actuator$200.00$194.85  Add to Cart
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Turbo Only - (20lb spring)$200.00$187.06  Add to Cart
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Adjustable Wastegate Actuator$190.00$185.11  Add to Cart
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Adjustable Wastegate Actuator (w/bent rod)$175.00$170.49  Add to Cart
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Adjustable Wastegate Actuator (Special order from the UK, 2-3 week ETA)$200.00$194.85  Add to Cart
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Saab 9000MSRPPrice
Adjustable Wastegate Actuator$175.00$170.49  Add to Cart
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Subaru WRXMSRPPrice
Wastegate Actuators$200.00$194.85  Add to Cart
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Volkswagen GTIMSRPPrice
FSI Motor Only - 2.0T$200.00$194.85  Add to Cart
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Volkswagen PassatMSRPPrice
VAG K03 Longitudinal 1.8T Adjustable Actuator$200.00$194.85  Add to Cart
Forge Motorsport Adjustable Wastegate Actuator Reviews
  (8.8 of 10) 6 Reviews    Write Review
1003/08/20139000product had perfect fit, and worked as expected. once i get the rest of my car sorted out i will see if it can get more power out of the car. it is a better than oem replacement for sure.
810/25/2007TTExellent moneysaver if your acuator needs replacement, like my did after a collision. There are however some fitment issues with this product. The part I recieved did not have the circular cut-out on the mounting bracket as pictured, but rather two straight-line diagonal cuts. After I corrected this,which took approximately 40 min with running back and forth checking fitment, it fit just like the oem part. Overall, this part is much better than I anticipated and is worth every penny when the alternative is to replace the $1500 turbo on an audi tt.
1007/16/20079000Worked great! No more boost spike or bleed off..even at speed. They even installed the spring I requested.
810/10/2006PassatGreat build, great quality. This part beats a turbo swap if you only need a wastegate actuator (cost), or an OEM actuator swap (quality), and is reusable it you fry your turbo. I installed the part without removing the turbo. It took me about 5 hours to complete the install on a '98 Passat, and countless hours of fun after that! The exhaust manifold has to be removed to access the defective actuator, so make sure you know what you're doing and soak all the bolts with WD40! The shaft diameter is a little larger than the original, and it was challenging to get it in the wastegate ... that's why I only gave it an 8. It took me about 1 hour to wiggle the shaft in the wastegate! I have about 10k miles with the part installed, and still happy with it. I didn't notice any performance improvement. It's more about the confidence of having a bullet proof and serviceable component.
1007/05/2006SRT4its a great product and when i get more money i will order from you guys again.
704/28/2006EVOA very well built piece. It came with the stiff spring (red spring) installed. The red spring is supposed to support at least 19 psi without any boost controller, however, mine was only able to boost 15 psi max even with the turnbuckle turned all the way down. I found out that Forge had made the arm too long and it needed to be shortened. Its a shame I had to have the Forge unit modified in order for it to work properly. Forge should check these units for accurracy before they ship them out. After the modification, the unit worked like a charm. Boost is much more consistent, although I still experience a little boost drop.

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