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Fortune Auto Nitrogen Inflation TOOL

Nitrogen pressure is essential on mono-tube style shocks. Dreadnought Pro 2-way shocks are designed to be recharged and tuned with nitrogen via the remote canister. This inflation tool is perfect for the advanced racer to either tune their shocks with nitrogen pressure or confirm proper pressures. Why is nitrogen so essential to a shock's operation? Nitrogen pressure is used to prevent cavitation of the shock fluid.


Cavitation is the result of dangerously low nitrogen pressures. Occurring when the shock pressure drops very close to absolute zero and the oil vaporizes, cavitation prevents optimal shock operation and foaming of the shock oil. Running pressures between 125-175 psi assures proper shock operation. Nitrogen must always be used as it is a very stable gas. Nitrogen can be refilled with a nitrogen refill station (nitrogen bottle & regulator) and our nitrogen inflation tool via the schrader valve located on the bottom of the remote canister on Dreadnought Pro 2-way models.

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