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GM 3 Bar Map Sensors

You can run the factory MAP sensor with the AEM ECU, however most are not good for boost conditions. That means your AEM ECU will not be able to add fuel under boost.

We highly recommend the GM Map sensor and the Intake Air Temp sensor from GM. The MAP sensor will read pressure differences up to 28psi. The connectors make conecting these units easy.

Click for install instructions for the GM Map sensor for the 93-98 Supra.

For GM Map sensor, go to options -> full list -> MAP kPa C =0, MAP Kpa m=300, MAP max = 4.98V, MAP min = .35V

To change boost settings on Y-Axis, go to Configure -> Units -> Setup -> Choose Load -> choose a map, or add a map that will have a Mult = the max boost you want to see.

Universal GM Map Sensors
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GM 3 Bar Map Sensor Reviews
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812/08/2008Not 100% sure if it deserves higher but the bonehead who tried to install it who did the initial MAFT Pro dyno didn't notice the massive boost leak from an IC bolt that was missing and the TD06 20g was pumping it's lil heart out. He had it set at 20 psi and when I got it back home and took it to my buddy who was a newly licensed mechanic he found the boost leak with his Dad's help since he knew that my set up shouldn't have dynoed at 363 but rather 463 so they began some diagnostics. They removed the turbo to check it over and found a crack in the manifold and some shaft play. We replaced it with a Garrett GT4088 he had in stock and they plugged the boost leak. He then street tuned the MAFT Pro which he said was fairly straight forward and simple. So much for the MAFT Pro rep in MI telling me it was difficult to install and tune. My buddy thinks that since the turbo was pushing closer to 30psi due to the leak that the GM sensor just couldn't take that much. The guy who initially did the install and tune told me it was defective and had me send it back. My buddy says that it probably wasn't and that it just couldn't hold 30 psi. I wish I would have just trusted my buddy to do the complete install from the beginning rather than letting the MAFT Pro guy make me think that the MAFT Pro install and tune was so difficult. Could have saved myself three grand plus and not have to have sent back the GM sensor. If you plan to push more than 20 psi this sensor may not be the one for you but up til then she should be fine.
1010/03/2005Works well and very easy to install. Not the most attractive sensor out there, but it blends into the engine bay well enough
1005/26/2005I've been using this sensor for 2 years now. It has worked flawlessly. I dont think the previous rater should have rated it so low because he/she did not do research of the product.

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