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GReddy Oil Catch Tanks

Returning blow-by gas directly into an engine decreases burning efficiency and shortens the life of engine oil. Function disorders of intake components can be caused by oil and moisture included in blow-by gas sticking to throttles and plugs. GReddy Oil Catch Tanks collect the oil, moisture and blow-by gas to keep intake components clean.

Universal GReddy Oil Catch Tanks
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GReddy Oil Catch Tank Reviews
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602/20/2005This is a well made part. But, after installing it and using it, I have decided that it's a bit too big and bulky for my tastes, and it lacks a pre-drilled drain hole. I prefer the older style greddy catch tanks now.
507/09/2004The general quality is OK. The supplied hose is stiff and probably not metric as it the fit on the nipples is less than perfect, although it is funcional. A softer OEM type hose of the proper ID would be show much better attention to detail quality. The unit is not internally baffled and should be. Given the whole reason to install the device is to stop oil residue from continuing out the breather hose, the omission of a baffle is puzzling to say the least. Some oil residue WILL go in one nipple and then straight back out the other.

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