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Plymouth Goodridge Brake Lines

All brake lines, installation hardware, and instructions are included. Stainless steel brake lines do several things to improve your stopping distance: they prevent heat build up, they prevent condensation, they eliminate the possibility24218 of hose cracking or busting, and they allow maximum flow of pressure to the brake calipers when the brake pedal is depressed.

All Plymouth Goodridge Brake Lines
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(1964-1968) 3 Lines$142.09$98.03  Add to Cart
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(1968-1969) 4 Lines$183.90$126.87  Add to Cart
(1970-1972) 3 Lines$142.09$98.03  Add to Cart
(1970-1971) 4 Lines$183.90$126.87  Add to Cart
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All Goodridge Brake Lines
Goodridge Brake Line Reviews
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1005/03/2013AltimaEasy Install and seem to be a top quality product. I highly recommend .
1002/13/2013EscaladeThis was a high quality kit. I had it professionally installed and my mechanic was very impressed with them. I used them to compliment a performance rotor and brake kit. I no longer have to push my pedal almost all the way way down when braking. You can feel the stiffness in the pedal right away and stays constant all the way down. Definitely using this brand product on my other vehicles!
1004/18/2010ImprezaPedal feel is improved tremendously over stock. Build quality is top notch. I suggest anybody buy these not only for the performance aspects but the safety as well.
1009/24/2007SebringPedal is so firm, it never feels like your hitting the floor. Please remember that this product isn't designed to make you stop faster, its more about the feeling under hard braking.
606/26/2007SC400Simply put, this product has been reviewed many times as being extremely difficult to install, and that was definitely my experience. I've assisted others in the past with the same result - a situation I find ridiculous considering the fact so much has been written about the installation issues. Also, one of the "banjo" bolts had a mis-aligned passage, and the bolt broke while I was finger-tightening. Considering the lack of quality, I re-used the stock MKIV bolts on all four corners. Once I completed the installation, the product works as advertised - a firmer initial brake pedal feel, etc...
606/05/2007Civic Del SolThese don't have any sort of plastic, rubber, pvc, or vinyl coating on the outside; they are just raw stainless steel braid. Spend a few bucks more for coated stainless steel lines. Be careful with how you route them because if the line rubs on the inside of your fender, wheel, or tire, then it will wear through the paint, rubber, and even metal in a hurry. On a positive note it includes every last piece of hardware; no need to keep any original Honda part. And the hardware is of the highest quality.
906/03/2007SupraGreat kit with everything required. Remarkable quality and craftmanship with 10/10 fitment- A++ Highly recommended
805/29/2007SC400I felt the difference during the first couple of miles. The pedal has a firmer feel to it. The only thing it was missing is the little pin that stops the line from turning during install. Not too much of a big deal because they stayed put. The clutch line is next
805/17/2007ImprezaDid wonders for the pedal feel on my 05 WRX, i can only complaint on that the dead pedal zone isnt gone completly. Very happy stil, makes brakes a lot easier to modulate.
1005/15/2007Sentraincrease in braking distance. part works great. didn't mess with the feel of braking; the first 80% is the same, and that last bit of the brakes when you slam it makes it stop on a dime.
34 Reviews

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