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Granatelli Full Set of Extreme Performance Brake Rotors

Have a heavy foot? We thought so. With great speed comes great need- to stop. GMS Rotors will add to your arsenal of automotive artillary by giving you a 15% decrease in stopping distance. The vented rotor design, along with Scraper Slots, will fully dissipate heat. The slots also increase bite and help you stop quicker. In addition to the slots, dimpled holes help cool the rotor to prevent warping and cracking. Why dimpled instaed of drilled? Glad you asked. Cross-drilling actually can jeopardize the structural integrity or the rotor, which could lead to cracks and warping. By not cross-drilling their rotors and applying Scraper Slots to their rotors, Granatelli can offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on these rotors. They also guarantee vibration-free performance. The ultra-smooth surface of the rotors also extend pad life.

It is recommended that you order new brake pads when installing new rotors. You can find the perfect brake pads on HPF's Brake Pad page (Click Here)

Key Features
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy Installation
  • Less brake pedal fade after repeated hard stops
  • 15% decrease in stopping distance
  • Increased heat absorbstion
  • Maintains OE civility and fully compatible with factory OE ABS
  • Black Zink Coating wipes away after 10 miles leaving a beautiful looking rotor with the dimples and slots highlighted in black and a shinny face surface
  • GMS Rotors Feature Scraper Slots These fully dissipate heat, increase bite and reduce stopping distance. Our slots also help to de-glaze and even out brake pads while throwing dust and debris away from the wheels. It also sheds water under-wet driving conditions.
  • GMS Rotors Feature Drilled (Dimpled) Holes - We do not drill our rotors completely through, because cross drilling sacrifices the structural integrity of the rotor which causes warping and cracking. A major feature of our blind degassing dimpled holes is that it extends the life of the rotors and pads and they dissipate heat with maximum braking performance under all necessary driving conditions. This allows us to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY against warping and cracking.
  • Balanced & Vented GMS Rotors are machine balanced, vented for cooling, X-Ray Inspected and manufactured to meet QS and ISO quality system standards.
  • Manufactured from premium quality solid casting, TUV approved steel.
  • Ultra smooth rotor surface reduces brake noise and extends pad life and are vented for cooling.
  • Meets and exceeds federal safety standards required for new vehicles
  • Guaranteed vibration-free performance

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Parts Available: 500060, GM-BR0507N