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Greddy Profec B Spec II Boost Controllers

LCD screen to monitor boost pressure in real time.
Readout now in kPa or PSI. (100kPa = 1.01972kg/cm2 = 1.5psi)
Controls boost up to 43 psi (This may vary on different turbo systems)

There are 2 preset settings that can be selected by a single switch.
The response and the consistency of the boost can be adjusted by using the GAIN, START BOOST setting.
A built in warning feature will alert the driver when the boost exceeds the set boost pressure with an alarm and a message in the display.
When the warning feature is activated, the LIMITER feature can lower the boost to a safe pressure.
PEAK boost feature will allow the user to check the highest boost recorded.

Universal Greddy Boost Controllers
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Greddy Profec B Spec II Boost Controller Reviews
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1003/17/2012This is my second Greddy boost controller used on an Rx7 the units are compact and durable with stable control. no frills just set it up and forget it haven't touched my old unit in years, just rock steady control
905/04/2007good doing business with your company...
1011/02/2006great product, very easy to install
812/04/2005it was easy to install but tunning is a bit challanging. Afrter i got eaverything diald in it performed very well.
810/23/2005Great part had some trouble with install instruction might have and error in them. I folwed the external wastgate setup instructions but was un able to properly controll my boost. Switched the lines to match the internal waste gate setup and no problems what so ever.
908/21/2005had it in for a week now works ok still dont have it fully set up easy install
908/21/2005thanks for everything, make sure u send for instructions in your own language
705/28/2005Not easy to tune unless you have wide open space or a dyno. Once tuned it performs great. High and low settings are great to toggle between especially if girlfriend decides to drive.
502/22/2005Easy to install and fairly inexpensive but the praise ends there. The instruction manual is filled with errors. I had to resort to going onto various internet forums to get clarification on how to actually set the unit up as the manual's references to which buttons to press are wrong. The Profec B Spec 2 also has software bugs. The warning feature does not work properly in HI boost mode. Finally, the buttons are tiny and hard to hit while driving. The display is good but only if it's pointing directly at you. If your viewing angle is off by more than about 15 degrees, the display gets hard to read.
20 Reviews

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