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This spring kit gives you the option to customize the ride height of your vehicle. After several years of use in racing applications, Ground Control spring kits have been adapted for street use. Most other spring kits offer only one set ride height when installed. The Ground Control system's unique design allows for easy adjustment. Simply lift the corner(s) of the vehicle that you wish to adjust and spin the adjustable spring seat up or down to raise or lower the vehicle*. Ground Control spring kits are also designed to be used with either stock or aftermarket shocks.

*Some applications require the use of a provided wrench.

Springs: We are pleased to announce that Eibach has chosen Ground Control as the west coast distributor for their ERS (Eibach Race Spring) line of springs. All of our ride height adjustable kits now exclusively feature Eibach springs. All racing and street/show spring rates are available. All Eibach springs offer a lifetime warranty against spring rate change and sagging.

Adjusters: All adjusters consist of a threaded sleeve and adjustable spring seat. And are made using high strength 6061-T6 aluminum; anodized for greater durability and appearance. The threads on the adjusters are square cut which locks the adjustable spring seat in place under load. For further precaution, a setscrew in the adjustable spring seat can be used to secure adjustment. Upper spring perches are used to insulate the spring.

Ground Control works very hard with Eibach USA to make these springs to the standards that you demand. Lifetime guarantee on everything, not just springs. No excuses about "racing" or "special". If anything fails, while being correctly installed, it will be taken care of, period. We can only have a guarantee like this because every single part of the Ground Control Street coil-over kit is made by us or someone we trust. None of these parts are made in Taiwan. Everything is made in the USA.

All Dodge Ground Control Coilovers
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All Ground Control Coilovers
Ground Control Coilover Reviews
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1005/25/2010StarionThese things went on just as it said it is a direct bolt on with no work needed now i can finally adjust my ride. Thanks
1004/06/2007300ZXGC's over Koni yellows are the way to go. I sit hella low and stiff but the ride is still good. Don't see many 300zx 2+2's sitting as low as me. lowered ride really compliments my fatty 17x10" wide 5Zigen wheels.
801/26/2007Corollathe product performed better than expected. with tokico struts, it rides great even at diffrent reasonable ride hights. the installation is what kept me from giving this a soild 10 the aluminam top hat hole had to be made larger to get strut pole through, back was fine. plus springs would not go over tokico aluminam cap, tokico cap had to be removed. In other words, this product may need modding to work with some struts but it will work depending on installer. I have near bald tires with a new strut bar and I can tell around corners it still wants to grip with no body roll. when I get new tires I will update this. car feels good on the highway cutting corners and through traffic like hot knife thru butta not butter but butta lol. the off ramp and on ramp will never be the same again. product still on no need to replace, quality looks as good as it feels thanks guys. Don't ride with it slamed to the ground you wont like it much 2 3/4 inch is the lowest unless you like being a snowplow. 93 corolla can now outcorner most things on the road MUHAHAHA
1011/10/2005PreludeIt doesn't get any easier to adjust than these. I take the wheels off and twist the Adjustable Spring Seat by hand - no tools, no gloves, no lubrication. My kit complements Koni's Yellow Sport shocks. Great setup
811/13/2004CivicI have these coilovers on my 02 civic with the stock shocks and have had no problems with them and the ride is surprisingly good considering how low the car sits.
1008/16/2004Starionthe ground control coil over kit i got from work flawlessly. easy to install w/ a sawzall just remove and trim the old spring hats to the welds, and the kit just slips into place. then just reinstall the shock assy. and your ready to go. i am very pleased to find an adjustable spring kit for my starion. thank you all very much. justin staggs
808/08/2004JettaThe sleeve overs are a thing of beauty. I tossed them in my jetta to get me started autocrossing, and they work flawlessly. The setup between ground control coilovers and the Koni Yellow sport shocks is SOOO stiff. HUGE bang for the buck. Also, with totally adjustable ride height on all four corners, and fine tuning with the Koni yellows, the setup is 100% customizable. The install was easy, the manuals are crappy, so be sure to watch what comes out with your stock suspension, so you know what order to put it back in. Got mine done by myself in a day. In about 10 minutes I can dump my car for show/looks, and another 10 minutes to raise it an inch or so to autocross it. Also, the drop was nuts. I had tire rub hardcore with 17's on my A3 Jetta. So if you're looking for a ton of drop, you might want another setup. But if you're looking a darn good amount of drop and a great adjustable stiff setup (without that annoying bouncy-ride feel) go with the Ground Controls over Koni Yellows.
907/13/2004RX-7Great service from Horsepowerfreaks. I found the Ground Control coil over to be an excellent product. I was suprised at how crudely cut the threaded part of the coil over was. Could have been cut with a little more care. Other wise a excellent product.
1006/10/2004EclipseInstall was pretty easy, I can now fit 10 1/2 inch wide slicks, since these allowed me to remove the big ugly lower spring perch on the struts, They look great, are easy to adjust, and ride smooth like stock untill you push them hard at which point its like your on rails. I will be using Ground Controls on all my future cars.
506/09/20043000GTthe eibach springs that come with the ground controls were super stiff. i didn't care for the ride. the ride comfort would be 0. the looks were nice however. the parts were made with quality materials. when it's lowered, it draws tons of looks. for a show car, i would definitely recommend them as a good coilover setup. the height adjustment was pretty simple too. however, for every day drivers, i would strongly not recommend them.
11 Reviews

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