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Infiniti H&R Triple C - Front Camber Kits

Whenever you lower a vehicle's ride height, front negative camber is increased-how much depends on the vehicle and the reduction in ride height. H&R's new front Triple C camber adjusters are a simple, yet very effective means of removing excessive camber, adjusting your vehicle's camber settings, or even correcting small side-to-side camber variations for precise alignment.

Consisting of a pair of specially-designed bolts, H&R's patented front Triple C camber adjusters replace the original upper fastening bolts on all McPherson strut applications. As the bolt is turned, a small cam eccentric alters the vehicle's camber, allowing adjustments from 0-3 degrees, positive or negative. Installation takes only minutes with readily-available hand tools, and benefits include increased tire life, improved tracking and the ability to dial in more camber for weekend track events.

Quite simply, H&R's front Triple C camber adjusters are a great value. No other single suspension modification can yield such impressive results with such a small investment in time and money-and you can do it yourself.

All Infiniti H&R Triple C - Front Camber Kits
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All H&R Triple C - Front Camber Kits
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Parts Available: TC112, TC114