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HKS Blow Off Valve Mounting Flanges

Universal steel piping with pre-welded SSQV flange for custom installation of SSQV and Racing BOV II units. 150mm in length , the universal pipe allows for ease in integration or replacement of factory piping.

Universal HKS Blow Off Valve Mounting Flanges
Aluminum (29mm, Straight)$102.00  Add to Cart
Aluminum (60mm piping)$33.00  Add to Cart
Steel (50mm piping)$33.00  Add to Cart
Steel (50mm piping, 150mm length)$109.00  Add to Cart
Steel (65mm piping)$33.00  Add to Cart
HKS Blow Off Valve Mounting Flange Reviews
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104/12/2013Did not work or mount right as I expected.
806/28/2005Nice product. SSQV fits well. Only problem: The flange is a bit thin. So it is hard to weld, without damaging the o-ring/c-clip seat. You should know, how to weld aluminum. I welded it to a 70mm aluminum pipe on the cold side. Fits even on a 70mm, if welded correct.
912/10/2004Installation was made easy because it eliminated the need to weld. It doesn't come in different sizes of piping though.
1010/18/2004good product, good quality
907/17/2004the blow off valve flang work well. the material is strong, no air leaks and it bolted up the way it was saposed to. The only problem was the expensive price for a simple peace of metal that probebly didnt cost nearly as much to make. other than that, part did was it was saposed to.
906/08/2004My friend and I installed this on a 2002 RSX Type S (his car, I bought the BOV). We installed it in conjunction to the Greddy Bolt-on Turbo kit and an HKS SSQV (super sequential I believe it's called). It was so, so easy to install this flange. I highly recommend it. I would give it a 10, but I haven't personally installed it in other applications.

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