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HKS Ground Wires

Circular Grounding System - By utilizing a 24 karat gold plated distribution block and multiple grounding points, improved idle and drivability are often obtained as the additional grounding points equalize resistance and voltage between various ground points. Each 8 guage spiral twined cable is wrapped with signature HKS purple plastic to protect and add color to the Circle Earth System. Vehicle specific kits included pre-measured cable lengths and distribution blocks.

Circle Plate
The HKS circle plate allows for the freedom to choose the thickness and the number of wires (up to 24 lines) to be used. Depending on the specific application, either the Separate Type (remotely located from battery terminal) or the Direct Type (directly mounted onto the battery terminal) are utilized.

24k Gold Plating and High Quality Wire
Each of the 8scq wires consist of 658 winded 0.12mm lines that allow each wire to withstand up to a maximum of 65A.

Universal HKS Ground Wires
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HKS Ground Wire Reviews
  (8.3 of 10) 3 Reviews    Write Review
703/25/2007Its ok but is was a agravation to instal
809/21/2005RSXinstallation kind of sucked since the instructions were in japanese and some of the pictures were off. but after i found new places for the last two wires to mount up to it was all good after that. noticeable difference in many aspects. would recommend to friends.
1012/03/2004MiataGreat quality, easy to install, looks great and I think, gives more ignition power

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Parts Available: 48004-AK001, 48004-AH003, 48004-AF002