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HKS Sport Series Exhaust Systems

Sport Exhaust Systems are designed to reduce backpressure and increase exhaust flow for greater peak power and a broader torque band. Each Sport Exhaust application utilizes a specific muffler design and shape along with the appropriate piping diameter to maintain low-end torque while maximizing high-end horsepower.

All Honda HKS Sport Series Exhaust Systems
View All Honda Accord Exhaust Systems
Honda AccordMSRPPrice
(1998-2001) V6, 2/4dr (60mm, 106mm tip) Dual Rear Sections, Stainless Steel Muffler$595.00$508.13  Add to Cart
View All Honda Civic Exhaust Systems
Honda CivicMSRPPrice
(1988-1991) SI (50mm, 60mm tip)$575.00$511.75  Add to Cart
(2006) Si, 65mm, 120mm Tip$825.00$704.55  Add to Cart
All Infiniti HKS Sport Series Exhaust Systems
View All Infiniti G35 Exhaust Systems
Infiniti G35MSRPPrice
(2003) Sedan, Rear Section, 65mm Pipe, 83mm Tip$620.00$551.80  Add to Cart
All Nissan HKS Sport Series Exhaust Systems
View All Nissan Maxima Exhaust Systems
Nissan MaximaMSRPPrice
(2000 and up) 60mm, 83mm tip (Rear section only)$505.00$431.27  Add to Cart
View All Nissan Sentra Exhaust Systems
Nissan SentraMSRPPrice
(2000-2001) (60mm, 106mm tip)$530.00$471.70  Add to Cart
All Toyota HKS Sport Series Exhaust Systems
View All Toyota Corolla Exhaust Systems
Toyota CorollaMSRPPrice
(1985-1987) GTS (60mm, 83mm tip)$660.00$587.40  Add to Cart
(1988-1991) GTS (50mm, 96mm tip)$485.00$414.19  Add to Cart
View All Toyota MR2 Exhaust Systems
Toyota MR2MSRPPrice
(2000-2007) Spyder (60mm, 100mm tip)$715.00$636.35  Add to Cart
HKS Sport Series Exhaust System Reviews
  (8.9 of 10) 8 Reviews    Write Review
1004/12/2007MR2Installation of this product was very easy, and I did not experience any complications. Quality of this exhaust was wonderful and, performance has been great as well. There seemed to be some small power gains from this exhaust and I cannot say anything bad about it. One thing that I wondered was how different it would be from stock, however it does not look overdone and the sound is better than stock. Overall, this is a wonderful product and I highly recommend it.
811/19/2006SentraIt sounds nice and deep, not too loud. Minimal power gains.Great qaulity.
709/26/2006Maximasound quality is great and installation was easy. but dont be fooled, this is just the muffler. i spoke with customer service and they all told me it was cat back, so i disassembled cat back just to find out that nothing else was included. so be prepared
909/25/2006CorollaProduct performance is great. There were no installation problems at all, bolted right in. Significant power gains are negligable since my motor is stock. Quality is top notch and the sound is very nice. This exhaust is for those who want an increase in flow, relatively subtle but sporty sound at wide open throttle and retains close to a stock like appearance that doesn't scream out "please give me a fix-it ticket" to the cops!
905/07/2006SentraInstall was easy and the system has a great sound. Really helped open up the engine with a good intake and header. exhaust hangers had to be bent a little to get the pipes to sit right.
1007/18/2004SentraThis is a great exhaust system if you wish to remain stealth. It has a standard muffler shape and no big gaudy tip. The system has a nice deep tone that is only slightly louder then stock, best part is there is no droning on the highway. buil;d quality and fit at top notch, everything fit as it should and does not knock against anything. I highly recomend this system.
806/08/2004CRXThe main thing I liked about the muffler is the consertative look. Looks like stock. The sound is very good and not buzzy. Not sure how well product performed. Horsepower gain was probably minimal. Install was easy. Breaker bar is helpful for b-pipe to cat bolts.

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