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This item is the fuel rail only and does not include injectors, O-rings, or clips. This rail works with HKS, Greddy, and many other injectors in varying sizes. As boost pressure is increased on forced induction vehicles, the amount of boost that can ultimately be run is limited by the mechanical constraints of the engine & injector capacity. When OEM injectors reach their maximum capacity & can no longer flow additional fuel (which is required for higher boost levels), larger injectors can be installed in the factory location for use with an injector specific program for the VPC and/or the PFC F-Con. Combining this fuel rail with larger injectors and a VPC or PFC F-Con will allow the vehicle to obtain higher boost levels while maintaining a factory-safe air/fuel ratio, giving you the highest level of performance & reliability.

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(2008 and up) X - For 800cc / 1000cc Injectors$455.00$432.98  Add to Cart
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(1993-1998) For 680cc / 1000cc Top Feed Injectors$410.00$389.50  Add to Cart
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Parts Available: 14007-AM005, 1407-RT004