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HKS Twin Power DLI Ignition Systems

The Twin Power Ignition Amplifier is an easy-to-install ignition upgrade that continuously monitors the charge condition of the coil to allow the system to recharge to its maximum capacity without overcharging. The Twin Power provides optimum spark duration and voltage output resulting in crisper throttle response & more horsepower. it is a combination of CDI (Capacitive Discharge Ignition) and Transistor ignition in one package. The CDI segment is effective a producing high voltage, but only for a short time period, like most performance ignitions on the market. Therefore, the Transistor segment controls current to the coil (impedance matching circuit) & promotes a longer spark duration. The combination of the CDI & Transistor system creates higher RPM horsepower & lower RPM throttle response. This system amplifies the stock ignition, but does not replace your existing system.

Universal HKS Ignition Systems
Twin Power DLI (Gold and Red)$475.00$452.01  Add to Cart
All Dodge HKS Twin Power DLI Ignition Systems
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Ignition Systems$475.00$452.01  Add to Cart
All Mazda HKS Twin Power DLI Ignition Systems
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(1993-1995) FC/FD - Twin Power DLI$435.00$413.95  Add to Cart
All Nissan HKS Twin Power DLI Ignition Systems
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RPS13 - PS13 - S14$475.00$452.01  Add to Cart
All Toyota HKS Twin Power DLI Ignition Systems
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(1993-1998) Ignition Systems$475.00$452.01  Add to Cart
HKS Twin Power DLI Ignition System Reviews
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1001/16/2013SupraThe best
1012/08/2005Simply awesome! I've tried many other ignition boxes, from MSD DIS-4 to AEM CDI to various coils/ignitor combos to solve my misfire issues. The HKS DLI solved all the issues, plus install was a snap. I am running wasted spark with an AEM EMS standalone, stock Denso coils, T66 P-trim @ 20 psi.
1007/12/2004SupraI have one on both my Supra's, It's a must if you have a single.
806/13/2004SupraNot the easiest to install, but not difficult, just time consuming. I didn't install for the purpose of power gains, however I have slightly quicker throttle response. I don't have concerns about the ignition capability when running wide open, which is the reason I originaly installed. It affords me a safety margin. Advise coil pack replacement at the same time, especially if vehicle is near scheduled change mileage for coil packs.
906/09/2004SupraSolid unit. Over 30 psi on my turbo with no spark issues and thats with the AEM EMS. Instructions were lacking but found them on the net. Pretty easy install if you can solder.
806/07/2004SupraThis unit has helped me keep a solid ignition system when running high boost. It worked well with the OEM ECU and AEM ECU.

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