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HKS GT Full Turbo Kits

HKS Full Turbo Kits offer unsurpassed performance and craftsmanship from a full turbo upgrade for factory turbocharged vehicles. These kits consist of new, larger HKS designed turbos, new precision crafted exhaust manifolds, HKS poppet-style external wastegates, flanged exhaust downpipes, and all associated hardware for a complete and detailed installation. HKS Full Turbo Upgrades are designed and sized to promote phenomenal top end horsepower and a good range of response throughout the RPM band for the amount of airflow. From the HKS precision crafted exhaust manifolds and downpipes to the HKS signature turbos and wastegates, each turbo kit is crafted to provide high levels of performance, quality and reliability.

Each HKS Full Turbo Upgrade comes packaged with all the necessary hardware to provide a complete installation.

All Mitsubishi HKS GT Full Turbo Kits
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Mitsubishi EVOMSRPPrice
(2003-2006) CT9A GT3037S SPL FTK$7,125.00$6,780.15  Add to Cart
GTII GT7460 - 0.74 A/R - 49T Trim$2,575.00$2,450.37  Add to Cart
(2008-2011) Full Turbo Kit Upgrade GT Full Turbo Upgrade; Requires HKS RS-R (70020-BM007) & FMIC (13001-AM006) or Pipe Kit (13002-AM003); Cannot be used with HKS Front Pipe (33006-DM001) which was designed for the stock turbine.$5,895.00$5,600.25  Add to Cart
GTII GT7460 KAI - 0.85 A/R - 49T Trim$2,825.00$2,688.27  Add to Cart
SST only / Includes GT3240, GTII W/G, Bypass & Front Pipe. / Requires HKS RS-R (70020-BM007) & FMIC (13001-AM006) or Pipe Kit (13002-AM003)$5,940.00$5,652.50  Add to Cart
All Nissan HKS GT Full Turbo Kits
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Nissan 240SXMSRPPrice
(1989-1998) w/ S14 or S15 SR20DET Swap - GTII GT7460 - 0.69 A/R - 49T Trim$4,375.00$4,163.25  Add to Cart
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Nissan GT-RMSRPPrice
(2009-2010) GT1000 Full Turbo Kit$18,750.00$17,842.50  Add to Cart
(2009-2012) GT800 GTII Turbo Kit - GT7460R Turbos - 0.75 A/R - 49T Trim - GTII 50mm Wastegates$10,625.00$10,110.75  Add to Cart
(2012) GT800-GT1000 Upgrade Kit$12,500.00$11,895.00  Add to Cart
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Nissan SilviaMSRPPrice
(1989-1994) SR20DET - GT-SS Turbine Kit$1,800.00$1,712.88  Add to Cart
(1995-2002) GTII GT7460 - 0.69 A/R - 49T Trim$4,375.00$4,163.25  Add to Cart
Turbine Less Kit$1,975.00$1,879.41  Add to Cart
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Nissan SkylineMSRPPrice
(1995-2002) GT-STK 56T$3,475.00$3,306.81  Add to Cart
All Subaru HKS GT Full Turbo Kits
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Subaru STiMSRPPrice
(2004-2007) GTII GT7460 - 0.67 A/R - 49T Trim$2,700.00$2,569.32  Add to Cart
Twinscroll GT2835 - 56T Trim$3,800.00$3,616.08  Add to Cart
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