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HPF Bronze - Mitsubishi Clutch Disks

This is a brand new clutch compound that is capable of withstanding very high pressures with no chatter. It is incredibly slippable, and engages very close to stock. Shifting gears is like cutting melted butter. This clutch disk easily holds 700+ rwhp.

REBUILDABLE: $175 to have new pucks installed on your old HPF Disc. (Takes 2 weeks once it arrives back to us)

If you have doubts as to whether this will indeed hold the power, click here for comments from Jack Tertadian, who runs our clutch in one of the fastest 3000GT's in the world.

Click here for the break-in procedure for this clutch.

All Dodge HPF Bronze - Mitsubishi Clutch Disks
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Dodge 3000GTMSRPPrice
Non-Turbo (Sprung Disk) - Bronze$350.00$324.00  Out of Stock
Rebuild kit (23s250mmBS) $175.00  Out of Stock
Turbo (Sprung Disk) - Bronze$350.00$324.00  Out of Stock
All Mitsubishi HPF Bronze - Mitsubishi Clutch Disks
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Mitsubishi EclipseMSRPPrice
(1989-1994) Turbo (Sprung Disk) - Bronze$350.00$324.00  Out of Stock
(1995-1999) Turbo (Sprung Disk) - Bronze$350.00$324.00  Out of Stock
HPF Bronze - Mitsubishi Clutch Disk Reviews
  (9.3 of 10) 6 Reviews    Write Review
811/05/20073000GTI'm still under the break in period but the clutch does feel like its going to hold alot of power. No much chatter and the pedal is very smooth and nearly stock like.
1007/02/20063000GTIt is perfect i can launch from 5 grand and it just goes! I recomend this clutch disk to anyone driving a 3000gt vr4!
901/09/20063000GTI've used many different clutches in my VR4 over the years and am very happy with this clutch so far! I've run it at the track on 3 occasions with a total of 14 hard launches so far, and about 500hp at the wheels. Along with the ACT Heavy-Duty Pressure Plate this clutch grabs hard, holds strong, and has taken what I've thrown at it. The chatter has smoothed out significantly over time and is barely noticable now.
1005/11/20053000GTGrabs and won't let go. Easy engagement for a 6-puck.
906/27/20043000GTWith RPS PP and flywheel, slipped twice on NOS (about 760hp) but since that has been great. Not juddery at all. My favorite single disc/pp combination by far!
1006/09/2004EclipseThis is the best clutch disk I have ever run in my talon. It is very slippable and holds very well with no chatter, just like was promised. Excellent product, the last clutch I will ever buy.

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Parts Available: 20s228mmBS, Disk Rebuild-BS, 23s250mmBS, 20s228mmBS, 20s228mmBS