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HPF E46 M3 Feramic Stage 2 Clutch Kits

The HorsepowerFreaks Stage 2 Feramic clutch is designed specifically for our stage 1, 2 and 2.5 turbo kits to handle upwards of 800rwhp. Our stage 1 Feramic clutch is already good to 700rwhp and can be used on any supercharged M3 or any HPF stage 1 (non-SMG) or HPF stage 2 (non-SMG) M3. This Stage 2 clutch allows the same driveability of our stage 1 clutch with slightly firmer shifts and a slightly stiffer pedal effort. Every stage 1/2 turbo system with SMG and every stage 2.5 turbo system should be paired up with one of our stage 2 clutches!

Driveability Video

High Horsepower Testing

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Click HPF Feramic Stage 1 Clutch for information about our stage 1 clutch kit.

Our stage 2 clutch kit includes the following:
- HPF High performance pressure plate
- HPF Feramic full face clutch disk
- New throwout bearing
- Alignment tool

We recommend only running a factory flywheel with this clutch.

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(2001-2006) SMG or non SMG (700rwhp to 850rwhp)$1,075.00$1,050.00  Out of Stock
HPF E46 M3 Feramic Stage 2 Clutch Kit Reviews
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1004/21/2013M3Wery good support, fast shipping And wery good driveability!
304/08/2013M3This clutch is not suitable for SMG transmission as a daily driver, although advertised otherwise. Shutters way too much on take off. Once you get moving, it's fine. Need to change back to OEM clutch for dd.
912/03/2010M3Exceptional driveability for my 700WHP Monster. Minor chatter when engaging 1st at very low speeds. Otherwise smooth and holds power without a problem. Highly recommended.
909/17/2010M3Excellent driveability...little grabby when hot otherwise awesome.
912/16/2009M3Good clutch and holds power very well. A little stiff, obviously to hold so much power but overall a good setup. Chatters a little more than Stage 1 at low speed. I am also experiencing a very low squelch sound during 1st gear take off only.

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