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HRE 448R Wheels

448R performance wheels.

Forged 3 peice Wheels. HRE Wheels list prices below include a standard painted finish, polished outer rim and HRE color logo cap. Some prices may vary by style, options or application. Call for options.

Universal HRE Wheels
18x10$1,075.00$910.53  Add to Cart
18x10.5$1,106.00$936.78  Add to Cart
18x11$1,138.00$963.89  Add to Cart
18x11.5$1,171.00$991.84  Add to Cart
18x12$1,205.00$1,020.64  Add to Cart
18x12.5$1,240.00$1,050.28  Add to Cart
18x13$1,276.00$1,080.77  Add to Cart
18x7.5$932.00$789.40  Add to Cart
18x8$959.00$812.27  Add to Cart
18x8.5$987.00$835.99  Add to Cart
18x9$1,015.00$859.71  Add to Cart
18x9.5$1,045.00$885.12  Add to Cart
19x10$1,215.00$1,029.11  Add to Cart
19x10.5$1,250.00$1,058.75  Add to Cart
19x11$1,287.00$1,090.09  Add to Cart
19x11.5$1,234.00$1,045.20  Add to Cart
19x12$1,362.00$1,153.61  Add to Cart
19x12.5$1,402.00$1,187.49  Add to Cart
19x13$1,442.00$1,221.37  Add to Cart
19x7.5$1,053.00$891.89  Add to Cart
19x8$1,084.00$918.15  Add to Cart
19x8.5$1,115.00$944.41  Add to Cart
19x9$1,148.00$972.36  Add to Cart
19x9.5$1,181.00$1,000.31  Add to Cart
All BMW HRE 448R Wheels
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(2001-2006) Front 19x9. Rear 19x10 - Black Matte Face/Chrome Lip $5,400.00  Add to Cart
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Parts Available: 448 18x10, 448 18x10.5, 448 18x11, 448 18x11.5, 448 18x12, 448 18x12.5, 448 18x13, 448 18x7.5, 448 18x8, 448 18x8.5, 448 18x9, 448 18x9.5, 448 19x10, 448 19x10.5, 448 19x11, 448 19x11.5, 448 19x12, 448 19x12.5, 448 19x13, 448 19x7.5, 448 19x8, 448 19x8.5, 448 19x9, 448 19x9.5, 448 19x9-19x10