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It`s easy to create an entirely new engine look by simply replacing your car`s OEM hoses with Hose Techniques SVH. A great value -- Hose Techniques SVH is the most economical way to dramatically enhance your engine with color -- and quality. Hose Techniques SVH is warranted for life against manufacturing defects. Replacing old, deteriorating OEM rubber hoses with long-life 100% silicone SVH may cure mysterious intermittent engine problems. Do it yourself! Hose Techniques SVH is easy to clean and maintain.

Platinum Cure (more vibrant/glossy color and less prone to splitting)

Universal Hose Techniques Vacuum Lines
10.0mm - Black$96.60  Add to Cart
10.0mm - Blue$96.60  Add to Cart
10.0mm - Red$96.60  Add to Cart
3.5mm - Black$46.80  Add to Cart
3.5mm - Blue$46.80  Add to Cart
3.5mm - Red$46.80  Add to Cart
4.0mm - Black$48.00  Add to Cart
4.0mm - Blue$48.00  Add to Cart
4.0mm - Red$48.00  Add to Cart
6.0mm - Black$50.40  Add to Cart
6.0mm - Blue$50.40  Add to Cart
6.0mm - Red$50.40  Add to Cart
8.0mm - Black$69.00  Add to Cart
8.0mm - Blue$69.00  Add to Cart
8.0mm - Red$69.00  Add to Cart
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Parts Available: 20.394-001-Black (20 ft), 20.394-001-BLUE (20 ft), 20.394-001-RED (20 ft), 20.138-001-BLACK (20 ft), 20.138-001-BLUE (20 ft), 20.138-001-RED (20 ft), 20.157-001-Black (20 ft), 20.157-001-BLUE (20 ft), 20.157-001-RED (20 ft), 20.235-001-Black (20 ft), 20.235-001-BLUE (20 ft), 20.235-001-RED (20 ft), 20.314-001-Black (20 ft), 20.314-001-BLUE (20 ft), 20.314-001-RED (20 ft)