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Hose Techniques Couplers Intercooler Hoses

Silicone Turbo Hose-Straight- 3.00" Length - Wall 0.140" 3-Ply & 0.160" 4-Ply Aramid Fabric Reinforcement.

Universal Hose Techniques Intercooler Hoses
2.0" ID x 3.0" SpecJetBlack$7.80  Add to Cart
2.25" ID x 3.0" SpecJetBlack$8.52  Add to Cart
2.25" ID x 3.0" SuperBlueGloss$8.52  Add to Cart
2.375" ID x 3.0" SpecJetBlack$8.94  Add to Cart
2.5" ID x 3.0" SpecJetBlack$9.36  Add to Cart
2.75" ID x 3.0" SpecJetBlack$15.00  Add to Cart
3" Black Hump Hose$45.00  Add to Cart
3.0" ID x 3.0" SpecJetBlack$16.00  Add to Cart
3.125" ID x 3.0" SpecJetBlack$14.25  Add to Cart
3.25" ID x 3.0" SpecJetBlack$11.55  Add to Cart
3.50" ID x 3.0" Blue$12.27  Add to Cart
3.50" ID x 3.0" SpecJetBlack$12.27  Add to Cart
3.50" ID x 3.0" Super Red Gloss$14.50  Add to Cart
3.75" ID x 3.0" SpecJetBlack$12.99  Add to Cart
4.0" ID x 3.0" SpecJetBlack$13.74  Add to Cart
4.0" ID x 3.0" Super Blue Gloss$13.74  Add to Cart
4.0" ID x 3.0" Super Red Gloss$13.74  Add to Cart
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Parts Available: 50.200-300-NX-BK, 50.225-300-NX-BK, 50.225-300-NX-BL, 50.238-300-NX-BK, 50.250-300-NX-BK, 50.275-300-NX-BK, H003BLA, 50.300-300-NX-BK, 50.313-300-NX-BK, 50.325-300-NX-BK, 50.350-300-NX-BL, 50.350-300-NX-BK, 36303-2GL-350-3, 50.375-300-NX-BK, 50.400-300-NX-BK, 50.400-300-NX-BL, 50.400-300-NX-RD