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Mercury Ingalls Rear Camber Kits

ALWAYS CHECK FOR SUSPENSION CLEARANCE. Modifying any suspension component may change other part clearances and cause binding or interferences. After installing any of Ingalls' products, the suspension must be checked for binds or interference between all components, other arms and the chassis. Be sure that all control arms, struts and steering ends move freely through the full movement of the suspension (springs may need to be removed to fully check component travel). Installing any Ingalls product on a modified vehicle (lowered or raised) from the original factory design requires a detailed check of all suspension components and their movements. Ingalls recommends that a trained technician install and adjust all products.

All Mercury Ingalls Rear Camber Kits
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(2002-2005) Rear, +/-1/2 Full Contact Rear Camber/Toe Shim - 2 Required$59.71$45.21  Add to Cart
This product also fits other vehicles.

All Ingalls Rear Camber Kits
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505/27/2005EclipseI didn't even receive the product show'd above, i was sent 2 rear bar's to an AWD setup, and 2 bolts.. my camber ended up not even needing to be adjusted so therefor i sold them. Not to big of a deal i'm sure if i had an awd they would've worked awsome anyway thanks

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