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Injen Power Flow Air Intakes

Specially designed for high performance Trucks and SUV and engineered to the highest standards, utilizing the best technology available. Incorporating Injen's own patent pending MR Technology proves that the PF (PowerFlow) series intake system is the world's first tuned intake system on the market! The Injen Powerflow intake system assures the highest horsepower and torque gains within the safe factory Air/Fuel ratio limits. The process starts with the high-flow air filter's integrated air inducer, air stabilizer, and velocity stack. Fresh air is drawn in, smoothed out, and pressurized. From there, the oxygen flows through the Mega Ram-tuned pipe, where it is released to the mass airflow sensor at calculated intervals. Each kit goes through a rigorous dyno-testing process, and is fine-tuned to unleash ferocious performance across the rpm spectrum. Injen Power-Flow intake systems bolt on without any drilling, and are 50-state street legal.

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Injen Power Flow Air Intake Reviews
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1008/18/2010CamaroWith over 12 choices of CAIs for a MAZDASPEED3, this Injen Intake (in black) is the perfect complement to my Hypertech module. The car is faster than I will EVER need, thanks HPF!!
912/01/2008SequoiaThis thing sounds good and had a noticeable performance increase. Its louder in the cab than the Borla exhuast under accelleration.
1012/31/2007Frontierawesome, what more csn I say!

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