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The TC-4 device is 4 channel thermocouple interface device for the MTS (Modular Tuning System). The TC-4 may be used as a stand-alone 4 channel thermocouple amplifier for logging directly into LogWorks or it can be used in conjunction with any other MTS compliant device to retrieve key temperature metrics .

Each of the four inputs of the TC-4 can be configured by the user for either EGT range (32-1999 deg F, 0-1093 deg C) or for CHT range to measure cylinder head temperatures (32-572 deg F, 0-300 deg C). The TC-4 can also be used to measure other temperature metrics such as turbo inlet and outlet temp, catalytic converter temp, transmission temp, and more.

The TC-4 is also a key component of Innovate Motorsports' Modular Tuning System (MTS). Using the TC-4's serial ports you can daisy-chain other Innovate devices such as the XD-16, AuxBox (LMA-3), LC-1, DL-32, and SSI-4. To see examples of different MTS configurations click here.

The TC-4 ($129.99) includes the TC-4, Program Cable, Patch Cable (to daisy chain with other MTS compatible devices), Mounting hardware, and cd which includes software and manuals.

Installation and Setup
Installation of the TC-4 is relatively simple. Complete documentation is supplied, and the support pages, user forum, videos, application notes and tuner resources can also speed you on your way to effective tuning. Innovate also has a great network of local dealers, tuners, race shops, and dyno shops that can assist you in choosing, installing, and getting the most out of your Innovate products

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