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JE SRP Series Pistons

Sportsman Racing Products fill a void in the sportsman performance market by utilizing the vast knowledge that JE Pistons has acquired through their continuous research and development of unique materials, piston design and technologies.

SRP pistons are manufactured exclusively from premium quality extruded aerospace 4032 & 2618 aluminum alloy bar stock. These materials provide a far superior product over cast aluminum bars.

SRP domes require no de-burring or preparation and feature smooth flowing radii for excellent flame travel. Valve pockets machined to accept oversized valves.

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JE SRP Series Piston Reviews
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1007/08/2012IntegraInstall was easy. Fit perfectly. Used with eagle H-beam rods. My motor is ready to go back in my car and i am excited to see how much power it has gained.
912/18/2007CivicBefore boost the acceleration is a bit shaky, but that's to be expected with 8.5 compression. The engine (B16A) runs great when the boost kicks in and I have yet to experience any mechanical problems.
909/22/2006IntegraGood pistons for the price. Also helpful to get them in .25mm oversize to keep factory sleeves as small as possible for strength. Plus you get the right compression ratio for boost with ls/vtec, you cant find that anywhere else without having custom pistons made.
805/08/2005CivicThe pistons did the job for me. I boosted up to 10psi with 14.5 a\f, by mistake, and nothing happened. Need some machining before installation.

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