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This beautiful cam gear is an excellent choice for 3 reasons. 1)It has a 5 bolt pattern just like the Unorthodox which means no chance of slipping like the low-quality AEM. 2) It uses the stock Toyota cam gear outer ring unlike Unorthodox or AEM which means your important timing belt fits 100% 3) Its very rare & exclusive!

Special Order. Direct from Jun Japan.

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Acura IntegraPrice
ZC Dohc, Only EF model$342.61  Add to Cart
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B16a$342.61  Add to Cart
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(up to 1998) H22a$342.61  Add to Cart
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(1989-1994) 4g63$342.61  Add to Cart
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4g92$342.61  Add to Cart
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Ca18det$342.61  Add to Cart
SR20DET/PS13 EX, VVL does not work$342.61  Add to Cart
SR20DET/PS13 IN, VVL does not work$342.61  Add to Cart
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VG30DETT EX$342.61  Add to Cart
VG30DETT IN EARLY MODEL$342.61  Add to Cart
VG30DETT IN LATEST MODEL$342.61  Add to Cart
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RB26DETT/RB20DET$342.61  Add to Cart
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EJ207 L-EX GC8$456.19  Add to Cart
EJ207 R-EX GC8$456.19  Add to Cart
EJ20K L-EX$428.26  Add to Cart
EJ20K L-IN$428.26  Add to Cart
EJ20K R-EX$428.26  Add to Cart
EJ20K R-IN$428.26  Add to Cart
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4AG 20V EX$342.61  Add to Cart
4AG 20V IN$342.61  Add to Cart
4age EX$342.61  Add to Cart
4age IN$342.61  Add to Cart
4AGZE (IN & EX)$342.61  Add to Cart
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3sgte, VVT-i does not work$428.26  Add to Cart
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Toyota SupraPrice
(1981-1985) 5MG EX$342.61  Add to Cart
5MG IN$342.61  Add to Cart
(1986-1992) 1jz, VVT-i does not work$342.61  Add to Cart
7MG$342.61  Add to Cart
(1993-1998) 2jz, VVT-i does not work$342.61  Add to Cart
Jun Cam Gear Reviews
  (9.3 of 10) 3 Reviews    Write Review
910/30/2009Supraeverything fit and worked realley well
906/17/2004SupraNo complaints about these, they were a slight headache to install, but that is not due to the Jun design, it is just the nature of this modification. I like the no BS finish of these gears, all business, no pink or purple in sight! I installed the exhaust side cam gear about a year before the intake side and definitely noticed better midrange torque. I don't have before and after dynographs with otherwise equal mods, but I think I probably gained some peak torque also. The intake side cam gear made a more subtle difference and I do have dyno comparisons. The actual peak difference after the intake side cam gear was only 3-4 RWHP. The high rpm range was definitely a bit better overall though and this can be felt on the highway.
1006/08/2004SupraI checked the timing with a degree wheel and a new timign belt before and after. The 0 mark is right on.

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