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Chrysler KYB GR-2 Rear Shock

GR2 shocks and struts are a low pressure gas twin tube design. Good for normal to moderate performance driving. GR2 Series shocks and struts are specially designed to deliver moderate handling. A patented check valve minimizes foaming and aeration to make sure the ride is stable, even under rough conditions.

All Chrysler KYB GR-2 Rear Shocks
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All KYB GR-2 Rear Shocks
KYB GR-2 Rear Shock Reviews
  (8.8 of 10) 15 Reviews    Write Review
1012/29/2008SupraFit perfect, and rides great! Paired with Tanabe springs. What a difference. Great bang for your buck!
905/11/2007EscapeShocks for Ford Escape. Much firmer than OEM, better ride control. Also installed H&R lowering springs, and when combined with KYB's the results are a SUV that actually corners very well, without vehicle leaning over and scrapping the doorhandles. Satisfied customer
1001/17/2007Civicgood cality and good shock absorber
1009/06/2006PaseoA vast improvement over stock. Maybe not an all-out racing shock, but definitely an upgrade nonetheless.
908/18/2006Golfthese shocks are great. they really change the entire driving experience. the only complaint is the shcok is shorter than the stock so some modifications had to be made
907/03/2006Fierogreat struts. sometimes a hair to stiff on certian roads but otherwise all around great part.
504/18/2006Cavalierproduct performed worst than the stock rear shocks. Install was straight foward. My rear shocks didn't last longer than a month. The reason why is because they don't come with bump stops; the old bump stops aren't reusable with the rears. After a couple hard bumps, the suspension travel was too much and blew them out.
1003/17/2006Supraworks great
605/28/2005EclipseSlightly better than stock
902/12/2005CivicRedid my suspension end for end with these KYBs and complete Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings. Car is not lowered and this was the best $300.00 I ever spent. What a difference. Great ride, not too hard, but stiffer than stock. Big difference in the handling. Rated these a 9 because one of the shocks was missing a stem mounting sleeve. No biggie, recycled one of the old ones. DO IT.
1010/18/2004GalantExcellent product, brand new, exceeded my expectations, thanks a lot, a pleasure doing business with
15 Reviews

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