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Acura Kaaz Limited Slip Differentials

Price includes Kaaz oil!

Kaaz "Basic" and their new "Solid LSD" models react fast without fail and have a wide range of adjustments available to suit different driving conditions. Kaaz uses the largest friction plates size possible and also increase the number of plates to gain maximum performance.
As a result, when compared with other LSD brands, you will find that a Kaaz LSD offers the following advantages:

The sensitive LSD will work even when the slightest torque is applied.
Increased ability to transfer power from the engine to the ground without loss.
The power acting on the plates is reduced so that abrasion on the plates are protected.
Increased number of friction plates greatly improves abrasion efficiency and heat capacitance of the plates. Longer plate wear life.
Not only the friction plates, but all parts of our LSD have been improved and made larger, so the overall strength of the main body is increased.
These merits gives the LSD near perfect efficiency, stable operation and long lasting outstanding control for you.

Exchange Parts:

M2 = Speed Indicator Gear MD717879 (x1) , Bearing MT202119 (x2)
M3 = Speed Indicator Gear MD717879 (x1)
M4 = TJ Kit MB620942 (x2)

T1 = Speed Indicator Gear 33481-12100 (x1) , Ling 90520-99011 (x1) , Diff Bolt 90105-12150 (x16)
T2 = Bearing 90366-57016 (x1)
T3 = Side Gear Shaft 41309-24020 (x2)

N1 = Side Shaft 38220-52F01 (x2)

F1 = Shaft Unit LH 28092FA040 (x1) RH28092FA030 (x1)

All Acura Kaaz Limited Slip Differentials
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Acura IntegraMSRPPrice
(1989-1993) DA6/8 B16A VTEC (MT, Front, Open, 1.5 Way)$1,175.00$1,033.61  Add to Cart
(1994-2001) DC2, B17C VTEC (MT, Front, Open, 1.5 Way)$1,175.00$1,033.61  Add to Cart
DC2, Type R (MT, Front, Helical, 1.5 Way)$1,175.00$1,033.61  Add to Cart
(2001 and up) DC5, Type R (MT, Front, Helical, 1.5 Way)$1,175.00$1,033.61  Add to Cart
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All Kaaz Limited Slip Differentials
Kaaz Limited Slip Differential Reviews
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812/25/2006EclipseThis product was the single most important piece that has gone in this car yet. It was a night and day difference in how the car performed. Even running the cheap no name 14" tires on the car. The lsd unit is loud, clunky and does not like to turn very well. But I am a drag racer and could not have found a better part to install in my car. Awesome quality and performance. Performs how I need it to every time. No problems with performance. Steven

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