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Kartboy Rear Subaru 2 Pot Brake Conversions

So, you've had your 02-05 WRX for a while and feel like Subaru screwed you when they released the 06 WRX. They got a bigger engine and better brakes! Well, swapping the engine can be a pain but swapping the brakes doesn't have to be. The front Subaru 4 pots will bolt right up to previous WRXs and Imprezas (WRX rotors required). However, the rears are a bit more complicated. Kartboy has simplified this with his Rear 2 Pot Adapter.

Before Kartboy designed this bracket, you would have to either get assembled hubs from an 06/07 WRX or purchase backing plates from Subaru. The latter would require a good amount of labor as the backing plate must be pressed off and on. With the Kartboy 2 Pot Adapter, swapping the rear brakes becomes a bolt on procedure.

All that's needed to do the conversion are 06/07 WRX rear rotors, pads, Subaru 2 Pot calipers and of course the Kartboy Adapters.

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