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We're proud to announce Kinetix's long awaited SSV complete manifold solution! This work of art replaces both upper AND lower factory plenums with Kinetix's proprietary all-mandrel intake runner design that maximizes plenum efficiency to improve airflow. The factory lower plenum has many dips and turns which do not promote good airflow as they create turbulence inside your factory intake. Kinetix developed a straight-shot design -- eliminating the twists, turns, and obstructions. They then took each runner and also added velocity stack inlets to each individual runner for even better performance... thus the name SSV (Stainless Steel Velocity). This design works great in both NA (naturally aspirated) and forced induction (supercharged or turbocharged) applications. You can expect to see a much smooth, strong power curve that continues to rise even as your scream past 6000 rpm!

This manifold is constructed entirely of precision TIG welded Stainless Steel, then polished out for an absolute beautiful finished product that looks as great as it performs. Kinetix chose stainless because of its great thermal properties, conducting 10 times less heat than aluminum and eliminating much of the manifold's mass, which greatly helps with heat soak. Stainless is definately more expensive than aluminum, but the finish shines brighter and definitely longer. The overall manifold SAVES 10 pounds of weight over stock (weight that is above the center of gravity and at the front of the car)!

This Manifold is a direct replacement, but will also work with any aftermarket intake. It also allows you the ability to use a factory or aftermarket strut bar. Kinetix does recommend Air Fuel tuning on Forced Induction vehicles (turbo and supercharged) after installating a SSV in order to maximize power and reliability. Tuning is generally not needed in Naturally Aspirated ( NA ) applications. Each manifold is supplied with all necessary hardware and instructions and comes with an additional port supplied which can be used for boost gauges, etc.

Click here for a before & after dyno graph.

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Kinetix SSV Intake Manifold Reviews
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1003/14/2013350ZI love the aggressive sound of this manifold. When I open my hood it really stands out. It has improved my 1/4 mile. Can't wait to supercharge my car. 350z
1007/08/2012350Zthis product was awsome i did see some power gain i loved it

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Parts Available: G35-SSV, 350Z-SSV