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MSD Ignition Coil Accessories

Automatic Coil Selector:

In many forms of circle track racing a dual or redundant ignition system is used. If you use a dual system complete with two coils, the Automatic Coil Selector makes it possible to change coils, without having to pull into the pits and change the coil wire. The Automatic Coil Selector features three posts; one for each coil and the other to go to the distributor cap. This way, when a driver switches ignitions, the Coil Selector automatically switches to the backup coil. To use the Coil Selector, two ignitions, two coils and a single-pole, double-throw switch are required.

Coil Wire Retainer:

There is nothing worse than losing a race or not making it up a hill due to a coil wire slipping off. To make your coil wire connection full-proof, MSD offers this Coil Wire Retainer. The Retainer is molded from Rynite and features a "hood" that pushes down on the coil wire boot and secures it in place. Fits all Blaster Coils (except High Vibration and the Blaster 3) and will work with most other aftermarket canister coils.

Coil Bracket:

To mount your new Blaster Coil, MSD offers a coil bracket. The Bracket is designed to mount to a fender well or firewall. It features a bolt and nut to secure the coil for a durable and good looking mount.

Firewall Feed-Thru:

If you have your coil mounted in the passenger compartment, you need the Firewall Feed-Thru. The Feed-Thru offers a half inch of spark isolation through a rynite mold to ensure that the spark gets to the distributor cap instead of jumping to ground at the firewall. A brass rod is surrounded by an injection molded rynite and nylon housing to form a spark isolating path through the firewall. Spark plug style terminals are used for strong Coil Wire connections. Mounts in a 1" diameter hole with supplied hardware.

Tach Splitter:

If you are running a dual ignition system, this little device will allow the tachometer to operate with both ignitions. Simply install the Splitter between the tach outputs and the Tachometer. Female faston connectors match common racing connections.

SC Coil Driver

Ignition Driver for use with Pro-Billet Honda Distributor and Blaster SC Coil.

* Ignition Driver for use with Pro-Billet Honda Distributor
* Powerful, multiple sparking external ignition module
* Uses Blaster SC Coil for increased voltage output

Universal MSD Ignition Coil Accessories
Automatic Coil Selector$81.00  Add to Cart
Coil Bracket$7.31  Add to Cart
Coil Wire Retainer$20.00  Add to Cart
Firewall Feed-Thru, Red/Black$17.70  Add to Cart
SC Coil Driver Ignition$176.60  Add to Cart
Stock Style HEI Coil Cover$18.60  Add to Cart
Stock Style Modified HEI Coil Cover$37.70  Add to Cart
Tach Splitter$14.10  Add to Cart
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Parts Available: 8210, 8213, 8217, 8211, 6305, 8402, 8401, 8911