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MSD Programable Digital 7 Ignition System Accessories

If you do not have a laptop or PC, all of the Programmable 7 Ignition Control's optional programs can be set with this hand held Programmer/Monitor. This Programmer communicates to the Programmable Ignition via the 9-pin cable. The LCD will display the programming options which you can select to adjust or view the program that is already in the ignition. Adjustments are easily made with six positive-contact push buttons. The unit is easy to handle, even with race gloves on, and weighs in at under half a pound.

Manual RPM Launch Control:
This handy controller lets you change the launch rpm setting of the Programmable 7 Ignition Control manually when you're strapped in the car. The controller plugs into the MSD Programmable Ignition Control through the 9-pin harness. There are two control knobs, one for 1,000 rpm and the other for 100 rpm. The launch setting can also be adjusted from 3,000 to 12,500 rpm in 100 rpm increments.

Cam Sync Pickup:
The Pickup Kit is supplied with a non-magnetic pickup, connectors, the magnet and retainer. You will need to fabricate a bracket assembly and install the magnet.

Spark Plug Wire Sync Kit:
This pickup simply installs to the number one spark plug wire and senses the trigger signal and sends this information to the Ignition through a fiber optic cable.

Universal MSD Ignition System Accessories
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Parts Available: 2346, 7551, 7550, 7555