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Digital DIS Plus:
The mid 1980 s was the beginning of the end for distributors in regard to new cars. The Buick Grand Nationals started using coil pack technology while many other GM vehicles were using dual tower coil packs sometimes known as Waste Spark systems. When Ford moved to the 4.6L Modular engine in the 96 Mustang, there were two coil packs with four towers each set up as a Waste Spark. Other common applications came from Mitsubishi and eventually Chrysler systems. MSD s DIS Ignition Controls are designed for engines with coil pack, waste spark ignition systems. The DIS-2 has two channels, to fire two coil packs, while the DIS-4 is capable of firing up to four coil packs (or even for individual coils). Each Control delivers full power Capacitive Discharge sparks from idle through racing rpm. Below 3,000 rpm there is a series of multiple sparks that last for up to 20 to improve idle, starting and throttle response. The adjustable features of the DIS Ignitions have also been upgraded with rotary dials. These provide easier, and more precise adjustments of the overrev limiter and the holeshot rev limit. Also, there is now a step retard that can be wired directly to a nitrous system or switch for activation!

The DIS Ignitions all deliver a stout, CD spark that is capable of burning the majority of air/fuel mixtures. There are of course exceptions, such as full bred race engines running high boost pressures from turbos, blowers or nitrous. To answer these needs, MSD offers a Higher Output version of the DIS Ignition Controls. The DIS Plus HO Ignitions produce an incredible 170 millijoules of spark energy with 470 primary volts. This increased output will light up fuel mixtures even under extreme cylinder pressures. The DIS-HO boxes are not CARB approved and are designed for drag racing applications only.

Soft Touch REV Control:
The DIS-2 and DIS-4 both feature an adjustable built-in Soft Touch Rev Control to protect the engine from overrev damage caused by missed shifts or broken driveline components. This feature produces a smooth rev-limiting action by randomly dropping one cylinder at a time and then refiring that cylinder on the next firing cycle. This feature is easily adjusted with simple program switches mounted on the side of the unit.

Two Step Module Selector:
The Two Step function of the MSD Digital DIS Ignition allows you to activate a low rpm limit while staging and waiting for the light to turn green. This popular feature gives you a distinct advantage over your competition by permitting you to control your engine s rpm precisely before every launch. With a fixed rpm limit at the starting line, each launch will be consistent and quick! The rpm limit is easy to adjust in 250 rpm increments with switches built into the side of the housing.

Programmable Timing Control:
Precise timing control is essential to producing maximum engine power. With the addition of nitrous, turbos or supercharger systems, timing becomes even more critical. To get the most out of your engine, the ignition must be able to compensate for these extreme changes in cylinder pressure throughout the engine s entire rpm range. During low speed operation, the MSD DIS Ignitions use the factory ignition to control basic timing functions. Once maximum timing is achieved, the DIS-2 and DIS-4 can be programmed to retard the timing at a specific rate and rpm point to prevent engine damage due to detonation caused by excessive timing.

LED Monitor:
A built-in LED monitor is a useful tool to determine the status of the charging and ignition systems. When the battery voltage drops below 8 volts, the LED will begin flashing at a rate of two times per second, letting you know that the charging system is not operating properly or that the battery has failed. Also, if any of the ignition s channels lose their trigger input, the LED will flash at a rate of one flash per second.

Ignition Interup:t
To prevent accidental or unauthorized starting of the vehicle, the MSD DIS Ignition systems feature a driver activated ignition interrupt feature that can be used as an anti-theft device. When activated, this feature will prevent the engine from starting by disabling the ignition s voltage output to the coil.

EMI Noise Protection:
As with all MSD Ignition products, additional protection from Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) has been added to the design of the DIS. Special circuitry filters out unwanted noise that commonly causes other aftermarket ignition systems to false trigger, operate intermittently and even fail.

Programable DIS-2:
Four cylinder distributorless ignition applications (with two coil packs) will benefit from the incredible spark energy of the the new MSD Programmable DIS-2 Ignition Control as well as its ignition programming capabilities! MSD"s CD circuits work with state-of-the-art IGBT coil drivers to deliver a spark with 190 mj of spark energy! Below 3,300 rpm, there is series of multiple sparks that burns in the cylinder for 20 producing a smooth idle with great throttle response. You get to control all of this spark energy through an incredible array of timing and rpm programs. The heart of the Programmable DIS-2 is a 15Mh microprocessor that reviews, analyzes and manages every trigger signal and is capable of up to 15 million instructions per second! The end result is a powerful ignition control with endless programming capabilities to produce reliable performance.

Ford Modular Ignition Controller:
*Fire the coils and control the timing on Ford Modular engines with carburetors.
*Map a timing curve and a vacuum advance to meet your vehicle s needs.
*Connects directly to the coils, crank, cam and MAP sensors for an easy installation.
*Program timing curves, rpm limits and a step retard with your PC.

New technology to go old school! When you retro-fit a Ford 4.6L or 5.4L (SOHC/DOHC) with a carbureted intake manifold, you ll need this new Controller to handle the ignition chores.
The Controller plugs into the coil packs and sensors of the engine for a direct installation. From a PC, using MSD Pro-Data+ software, you can program custom timing curves, a step retard, two step and even a vacuum advance. A great system for street rods and retro muscle cars.

Dual Channel Ignition Adapter:
In some instances when you install an MSD Ignition, the factory ECU may not be able to distinguish when the coil fires. This is the signal that is also responsible for firing the injectors (or the tachometer), which may cause a no-run situation. The Dual Channel Ignition Adapter simulates the original coil trigger signal thus allowing the ECU to properly trigger both the tach and fuel injection with the MSD DIS Ignition installed. In most cases, the Adapter plugs directly into the MSD s Harness. For vehicles using an MSD DIS-2 Ignition, only one is required. For DIS-4 applications, are required.

Buick Interface Module & Harness:
This Interface Module is designed for the large one piece coil unit used on Buick's popular T-Types and Grand National V6 engines. The Interface mountsbetween thefactory ignition module and coil housing then wires easily to the MSD DIS-4 Ignition Control.

DIS Harnesses:
Installing an MSD DIS Series Ignition to your late model Distributorlessvehicle involves quite a bit of wiring but is well worth the effort. These new harnesses make the installation effort easy so you can put that new ignitioncontrol rightto work! Each Harness plugs directly into the factory coilpack and harness. Then there are colored wires that connect to the DIS Ignition s corresponding wires - and that s it! No more splicing or cutting your factory wiring!

Coil Interface Module:
These Modules go between the factory GM ignition module and coil packs. They have color coded wires that connect to the DIS wiring and are molded using Arathane Polyurethane for it's high dielectric strength and connect directly to the factory terminals.

Programmable Midget:
The horsepower of Midget racing engines continues to grow each year and engine builders are looking for every ounce of power. With the introduction of the Chrysler 4-cylinder race block, a new ignition was needed and MSD answered! The Programmable Midget Ignition is a complete electronic distributorless system consisting of a powerful capacitive discharge Ignition Control, a four tower high output coil pack and uses two non-magnetic pickups with a trigger wheel as a trigger source. This takes all of the mechanical variables out of the picture to produce exact ignition timing! Adding to the accuracy and high output of this ignition system, is the advantage of being able to precisely program the timing throughout the engine s entire rpm range. By using the optional Hand Held Programmer, or MSD s Pro-Data+ software package on a Windows based PC, racers can program two different timing curves down to .1 per 100 rpm increments! Other programs of the Programmable Midget Ignition include a rev limiter to protect the engine from overrev damage, a start retard and a circuit that monitors the battery supply voltage. The Midget Ignition produces full power capacitive discharge sparks at any rpm as well so you can be assured of complete combustion. To control this power and the programs, a 15 MHz microcontroller is used. This high speed controller analyzes the various inputs and is capable of extremely quick compensations to maintain exact timing and rpm. The Midget Ignition is supplied with the Ignition Control, two Non-Magnetic Pickups, Trigger Magnet, On/Off Switch and Software. Coil is available separately.

Notes: Must be used with an electric starter. Crank Trigger Wheel must be fabricated for each application.

Universal MSD Ignition Systems
Coil Interface Module, GM$41.30  Add to Cart
DIS-2 Plus (For 4-cylinder engines with one or two coil packs.)$662.10  Add to Cart
DIS-2 Plus HO, 2-Coil Packs$721.00  Add to Cart
DIS-2/4 to Dodge/Mitsubishi Harness$29.02  Add to Cart
DSI-4 to Dual Ford Coil Packs Harness$54.70  Add to Cart
Dual Ignition Adapter$84.70  Add to Cart
Ford Modular Ignition Controller$500.30  Add to Cart
Ignition Box, DIS-4 Plus HO, Digital, Capacitive Discharge, Universal, DIS, 4-Channel (Each)$735.70  Add to Cart
MSD DIS-4 Plus (For use on 6 or 8-cylinder engines with two, three, or four coil packs.)$691.60  Add to Cart
Programmable Midget - Coil Pack$131.00  Add to Cart
Programmable Midget - Ignition System$772.60  Add to Cart
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