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MSD Ignition Timing Harnesses

To ease the installation of an MSD Ignition, MSD offers Wiring Harnesses. The harnesses provide a completely splice-free installation with matching connectors and corresponding wire colors!

Also for late model vehicles that MSD does not offer a direct plug-in harness for, such as Dodge applications, we offer this new Universal Installation Harness. The Harness provides you an easy way to splice into the two wires going to the factory coil. The ends of the Harness are equipped with terminals that you crimp to the original wiring, then seal when heat is applied. With these installed, you can connect the MSD to the corresponding colored wiring to finish the installation. If you ever want to bypass the MSD or remove it, you can easily disconnect the Harness and plug in the factory coil wires. The Universal Harness features Perma-Seal and Weathertight Connectors to ensure sealed and locked connections.

SL6 harnesses are to be used in conjunction with your MSD 6LS or MSD 6LS-2 Ignition Timing Controllers.

Dual DIS-4 provides a splice-free installation with connectors that plug directly into the factory unit. They even have corresponding wire colors! When used in conjunction with two DIS-4 Ignitions and four Dual Ignition Adapters, PN 89121, your coil-on-plug Ford will receive all the spark it needs plus a two-step rev limit and step retard. And the best part, wiring will only take about an hour!

The 6-Mod Ignition Controller Harness provides a splice-free installation of the MSD 6-Mod Controller to factory equipped EFI vehicles making installation a snap. All of the connectors plug directly to the factory units so there is no cutting or splicing of your factory wires. The compact tach adapters ensure that the ECU and the 6-Mod receive the correct signals required to keep both systems operating as designed.

Once installed, the 6-Mod allows users to advance or retard the factory s timing curve, program a step retard for use with nitrous systems or even map out a timing curve through a laptop by using MSD s Pro-Data+ software.

Universal MSD Ignition Timing Harnesses
6M-2/6-Offroad to GM Dual Connector Coil $89.90  Add to Cart
Dual DIS-4 - Harness $110.40  Add to Cart
Dual DIS-4 - Tach Adapter $84.70  Add to Cart
Early LS2 Cam Sensor Extension Harness for 6LS-2$40.90$30.29  Add to Cart
for 6LS $95.70  Add to Cart
for 6LS-2 $147.10  Add to Cart
Ford TFI Harness $26.60  Add to Cart
GM $35.40  Add to Cart
GM Dual Connector Coil $35.40  Add to Cart
GM HEI (internal coil) without Vacuum Advance $50.90  Add to Cart
Harness Adapter for 6-Mod $294.30  Add to Cart
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Parts Available: 64602, 88813, 89121, 88861, 8886, 88862, 8874, 8877, 8876, 8875, 88814